Never bet against the noob

noobmoney.jpgI ran a bet/contest with my readers to see if i could break into the 5 digit mark for alexa. I gave myself until today to reach this goal. Alas, i have achieved this milestone and i have selected a winner out of the people who believed that i could. Most of you guys went for the larger prize of $100. Too bad the noob is kicking ass and taking names. The winner of the $20 prize is witchypoo. You are the latest winner on make money blog. Send me an email with your paypal email and i will paypal you $20 ASAP. Congrats!

If you are new to this blog, be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed. I usually run a lot of random drawing and stuff. It’s usually simple to enter. You don’t want to miss out on free and easy money do you?

I think i’m getting the hang of running different type of contests. The thing to running a successful promotion for you blog is to keep it simple. The easier it is to enter, the more entrants you’ll get and the more fun you and your readers will have. It’s also important to keep the duration of the promotion short. It keeps the buzz up and makes people keep coming back to your blog frequently. No one wants to wait a month for a prize. Waiting is not fun. Holding random competitions will increase your daily visits as well. The prize isn’t that important. I don’t offer large cash prizes, but people join cause it’s easy to enter and i payout right away. Keep it simple and you’ll start making money from you blog contests.

11 thoughts on “Never bet against the noob

  1. Justin Dupre

    Good idea noob. I think you may have just helped me reformat my blog contest. I’ll get back on that after I’ve had some sleep.

    Oh and congrats on getting 5 digits. I think I’m still somewhere up in 8xxxxxx

  2. Moolahking


    I lost..!! Damn it.. Nevermind, though..I’m gonna win it someday, NOOB..!!! Muahahahaha

    As usual, i will always bet against you, buddy..Talking about evil thoughts, don’t i?

    Anyway, congrats to my beloved withcypoo, and thanks a lot noob to make a such fun contest. I do love it. And i will participate again to grab the ass..!! Oppss i mean the prizes..

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  4. bloggernoob

    justindupre- thanks justin, looking forward to your contest. hope the prize is cash 😉

    witchypoo- yay! thanks for entering and congrats on the win. thanks for believing in the noob. :) totally like u ehh? give me ur phone number!

    blackpixie- thanks pixie

    killian- thanks killian. doesn’t mean a whole lot. cause alexa isn’t that accurate…but it’s another notch on the noob’s belt

    moolahking- never bet against the noob! i’ll try to do some more fun contests. hopefully you’ll bet with the noob next time. smart money bets with the noob. once you go noob, you never go back

  5. danandmarsh

    So sorry I bet against ya noob, I’ll know better next time, eh?
    Congratulations witchypoo, WTG!

  6. the noob Post author

    danandmarsh- no problemo. i know you only did it for the bigger prize. smart!

    abdallaahmed- unfortunately i am not. PR4 would be nice, but i ain’t sweatin it.

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