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images-1.jpgWhen we were little kids, we were always entertained. I’m amazed everytime i visit my nephew or nieces. They seem to always be happy. They’re always having fun. So easily entertained. They’re like cats. I could throw a wad of paper and they’ll make a game out of it. That’s free entertainment, and it lasts for hours. I wish i was a cat, or young again.

Because i am an adult, i’m constantly trying to find new sources of entertainment. One fun option was no deposit bingo. Because of my wedding, i start taking dance lessons. I was surprised to find how much fun it was. I think i might take up dance as a hobby. My point is that you should start a blog right when you take up a new hobby. What a great way to document your new hobby. It’s cheap and it could be a great way to find people who share your interests. If the blog grows, you can make money. Great deal right?

Most bloggers probably started their blogs cause they were bored. Aside from the thousands of johnchow clones, even make money bloggers blog because it’s fun. If i didn’t enjoy writing about nothing, i wouldn’t bother with this blog. My posts are meaningless but i get paid to write. Might as well write about something you enjoy doing and get paid.

I started taking dance lessons and i find myself searching for more information on dance. Where do i buy dancing shoes? What type of dancing shoes are the best? What brand of shoes are good? What song was playing in “Scent of a Woman?” ETC…

I found the answers to these questions on other peoples’ blogs. I was thinking that i should start my own dance blog. It wouldn’t be that difficult. I would just ramble on like how i do on bloggernoob. I’ll be able to correspond with other dance fans. And i know that i would be able to make a few dollars off of it.

If you are starting up a new hobby, i recommend you start a blog about that hobby. Document your progress. Write about the questions you have about that hobby. I think it’s a great way to launch a new blog. And since it’s something that you actually enjoy, you’ll have plenty of content. The biggest plus is that you’ll have fun doing it.

7 thoughts on “New hobby new blog

  1. Rick

    Interesting looking site, although it does look like a johnchow look alike. But if it works for you! I just started the blog game and I can’t see how you can get 1000+ viewers in under a month, but I’ll check out some of your other posts because your info seems simple and to the point. Thats what I like.

  2. Ted

    nice tip! if you take your work as a hobby, you don’t need to exert too much effort to accomplish your task. selling online is also my hobby. it’s fun and enjoyable plus it gives me a lucrative source of income.

  3. Bob

    Rick to get that you need to push your site but it’s doable. just takes alot of work.

    As for the topic of the post, it seems every hobby I take up ends up being blogged about. My only problem is that I spend that much time blogging about them I end up not actually doing them. The most recent one was about self sufficiency with things like growing vegetables and keeping chickens being the order of the day. all because my wife bought two chickens. I’ve spent about 8 hours blogging about it all and about 4 hours actually in the garden :p

    Thankfully its only a site so it’s not actually costing me anything 😉

  4. Living on Adsense

    Blogging took over my hobbies. I don’t even remember what interests me anymore. I think blogging has destroyed my brain

    “You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell! “

  5. asithi

    I have to agree that sometimes I spend too much time thinking about my blog vs. actually enjoy my favorite hobbies. During my first month, I was actually posting almost every day. Now, I stick with three posts a week max.

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