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As you guys may have noticed, i do not update this blog like crazy. I still do a lot of things with my other blogs. But, i try not to update like a crazy man on this blog. The reason is because i already have enough pages of content for the search engines to crawl. I just need to update this blog two or three times a month. It shows that i am growing as a blogger. I have also been experimenting with my other blogs. I want to really learn the “make money online” niche inside and out. When i say “make money online,” i am talking about a variety of means to make money with a computer and an internet connection. I will be making some major changes to this blog. I still want this blog to be a helpful resource for newbie bloggers. I still want to help out other newbies who want to get into this game. In so doing, hopefully i can add some greenbacks to my wallet as well.

I plan on changing the direction of this blog. It will still be a blog for beginners. I started this blog without any background in web mastering. That is why this blog is really cluttered. I plan on organizing all of my past posts and categories. I will also provide some useful pages above my header. These changes will take place in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for these updates.

22 thoughts on “Newb Blogger no more

  1. Nick Writer

    Thanks for the info on the site… been useful as I develop my own ways of making money online.

    Looking forward to seeing the direction the blog will take

  2. Jared Stenzel

    Couldn’t one argue that it would be easier to multiply the earnings of this blog than build a new blog? You have all the resources to start working on some of the huge make money blogging keywords out there!

    Any chance you could email me another make money blog of yours that you update more frequently so I can read some more information?

  3. strategies

    Your blog is really a help to new bloggers.
    I can understand your concern and your plan for changes. Blogs have many limits on expressing the contents of one’s website.
    So I tried to use a CMS theme which is better on expressing.With this theme a blog can appear like a normal website.
    My blog is a Chinese one, but you can use the translation tool on the top of my blog to make it a English one.
    Hope this will be helpful to you.

  4. jj-momscashblog

    I think change is good I have been thinking that I wanted to change around some things that I am finding hard to look at when I visit my “own” blog. It’s also a scary step to make but I know whatever you do to your blog will work out great! Can’t wait to see the changes.

  5. Free Wii Points

    I gotta thank you for making this blog, I learned a lot from this blog, hopefully I’ll be able to apply that information to my blogs and have a handful of blogs bringing me some income.

  6. Laws of Attraction

    I think your site is really interesting with regards to making money online, you have masses of resources.

    I think one of the important things with regards to making money is mindset??? if your mind is in the right place, then you are able to create your own reality.

    I was wondering what do you do with the microsoft points? can you then buy things with them? if so where?

  7. Marissa Merkle

    Hey, I don’t think saying this on your post Make Money Online » Blog Archive » Newb Blogger no more would be the ideal place however I could not locate a contact page in your somewhat messy theme (sorry). My visitors used to tell me the same thing so I switched to a brand new theme from I have only gotten compliments after. Cheers, Marissa Merkle

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