Nobody is reading your blog

mena suvari makes money onlineYou know what i noticed? Not a lot of people read my blog. Maybe it’s just certain posts. Maybe i’m trippin. But a lot of the stuff i write on my blog get unnoticed. I write often because i want to get a lot of my pages indexed. I also write a lot because i do so many paid plugs. But out of my 400-800 visits per day, most of what i write get lost in the shuffle. My blog isn’t that popular, but i still get some good traffic. Think about what the majors in the make money online niche. I know that most of those posts don’t get read either. If you’re a newb blogger, then your blog posts are not being read. Even if nobody is reading your blog, don’t lose hope. Tell yourself that you’re in this for the long run. If you work at it, you will gain readers. It might be a slow progression, but it will happen. For now, just keep writing. Since it’s hard to write, mix in a lot of paid plugs to at least get paid for your posts.

It’s Friday night and people are going out and and doing other activities. Today and tomorrow are the days that get the least amount of traffic. On days like this, just write about whatever. Or use the weekend to dump out all of your backed up paid posts. Noob out, and TGIF everybody.

16 thoughts on “Nobody is reading your blog

  1. Sandra

    I have read some of your posts, but I have not commented. I think sometimes as we are browsing, we just look at the title of the post. A good title is the key. This one, for instance was a great title.

  2. nitro2k01

    I didn’t read this post. Promise!

    Srsly though, I was going to mail you about a thing related to this, namely the importance of writing pages that work as reference pages/posts.
    In general, posts that solve a certain problem, like how do I remove virus X. If it’s well written, people are likely to link back. This will in the long run make you get more visitors, directly from the links and indirectly from the higher pagerank.
    And it helps you associate a certain keyword with that post. Visitors who search for something and actually finds it are more likely to come back. I know this for my own experience as a blog reader.

  3. Adam Sicinski

    I am subscribed to over 350 blogs, and I actually end up visiting yours almost every day you make a post (I can’t say that for many others). Your articles are to the point, honest and in many ways provide a breath of fresh air when compared to other Make Money Online blogs. Keep up the good work :)

  4. DrBurst

    Could it be that your blog has a few “corner stone” posts that all read. I find my most well reaserched articles will get the most attention.

  5. Gerard

    DrBurst is right. One ‘groundbreaker’ is better than a whole week of ‘what i did today’ posts. Its in the quality :)

  6. witchypoo

    I click over from my reader sometimes just to say howdy. If the content summary intrigues me, I will read even if I don’t always comment. I’d say you’re doing okay. I would like 400-800 visitors a day.

  7. Rob

    I just need to comment on your blogs more often is what it is. I have to agree with Sandra up there that a nifty title catches a readers attention, but my attention seems to always be caught with your blog. I just wish I could get some readers like the ones you have. I keep telling myself, though, that nothing happens over night! :)

  8. the noob Post author

    sandra- thanks sandra. good to know that i have a few silent readers. 😉

    nitro- yeah. i think those types of pillar posts are great as linkbait and getting deep links in google. it’s hard to write a lot of pillar posts tho. i don’t like to spend too much time on my posts.

    adam sicinski- thanks a lot. i really appreciate it adam. god bless ya!

    drburst- hmm. i think my blog contains zero corner stone posts. i guess that’s the problem. 😉

    gerard- maybe. or is it? is it better to have just one pillar post, or a hundred filler posts on a blog? i say the latter. how else can u do paid plugs?

    bob- good to hear that you’re back in shape. u’ve been missed bob.

    witchypoo- how many visits do u get a day witchy?

    rob- u keep writing and keep networking, u’ll slowly start getting visitors. thats what happened with my blog. i remember when i only have two readers. me and my moms.

  9. nitro2k01

    About pillar posts: You don’t have to write a lot of them. They last longer than regular posts by continually creating a small stream of visitors. (And to a generating pagerank) They will take some time to write since they have to be pretty well written for people to appreciate them, but they’re a long term, onetime investments. And if you decide to go that route, make sure to make a category of links for these posts, in my case called evergreens. That way these posts will never get out of the search engines’ focus.

  10. Tommy

    We’re still here noob. Summer’s heating up and folks are gettin’ outdoors more and away from these damned putes!!! You say weekends are low in terms of visitors, so is summertime!!!

    Have fun all!!


  11. wendy

    Was away but now I am back. Youngest son got married and loads of company but not relevant.

    I don’t get many readers as my blog is new but what I find is the fact when I comment on other peoples blogs they could at least return the favour by commenting on mine.

    Perhaps that is one of the reasons others have stopped reading or stopped commenting.

    Course that is only from a female perspective and it could be distorted somehow LOL

  12. Dana

    Dearest BloggerNoob!

    I do, we all do read your blog.You actually inspired me to blog!

    Any advice for young newbie bloggers?

    Good luck from Emerald Ireland and give us more!

  13. the noob Post author

    nitro- yeah, maybe one pillar a month. 😉

    tommy- good to hear. thanks for leaving a comment. gives me a boost in my blogging pride. 😉

    wendy- congrats wendy! I’m sure the ceremony was wonderful! yeah i think commenting should be a back and forth thing, but it gets hard when u multi blog. i’ll try to visit more often. 😉

    dana- really? i got loads of advice for newbie bloggers. that’s why i started this blog. to grow as a newb with other newb bloggers. 😉

  14. Tim Christie

    I have been a long time subscriber to your RSS feed and must say that I only jump to the site and read the posts that sound interesting in the first few lines. Alot of your posts dont even get looked at when they are obvious paid posts from the headline.

    Nothing against your site but when you track about 30-40 different feeds the last thing I want to read is a paid post. When one of your personal posts come along that has something to say, I more often than not jump across and read it. I enjoy your point of view about making money online and you quite often give out some very helpful titbits that help along the way.

    So your right, alot of your content would not get read by humans. The important thing though is that the google bots read each and every post and each one helps with lifting your search ranking for more traffic from search in your make money online niche. (theres a few more keyword instances for your pages keyword density)

  15. the noob Post author

    tim christie- im actually flattered that you read my post tim. 😉 don’t mean to kiss ur arse, but you write professional quality posts. didn’t think u could learn anything from my ramblings and rants. 😉

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