Noob will buy an ad on your blog

buysell.jpgI mentioned briefly in my last post about how i want to flip turn upside down the business of buying and selling ads. BloggerNoob dot com is a make money blog but i’m trying out an experiment. Make money blogs usually sell ads, but i will be giving them away for free. Make money blogs usually buy ads from other bigger make money blogs, but i will buy ads from my readers. If you have an interesting blog and think i should advertise on your blog, link to my make money blog and leave me a comment below to your link and i shall come check out your blog. Please let me know what type of traffic you have and what type of ads you are selling. I’m not a rich blogger so i can’t offer a lot of money. I will quote you a price after i see traffic stats and visit your blog. I’m looking for site wide text link ads and or reviews. I’ll consider 125×125 ads also. Noobies, don’t expect to get rich off of my ads. I’ll most likely only pay 5 or 10 dollars. But hey, it’s a nice twist isn’t it. And if the ads i place on your blog sends me a lot of traffic, i’ll continue paying you for ads. Good deal right?

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  1. Will

    Sounds like it would work. I guess the sites would have to approve the content of any ad, but one from this site should not be objectionable to anyone.

    Hugo’s 1.00 above the fold for a month seems too good an offer to be true, but who knows. Oh, and here is his link:

  2. Rebel

    So huge. I just totally linked to you. I didn’t even know about this post. Check out my blog!

    I’m not big on posting comments. However, I assure you that I read your blog daily. I love bloggernoob. My blog is fun! Check out my flashback fridays. Unlike another commenter I’ll take the $10.00!

    I haven’t sold any ads. But I really want to. You can be my first! I’ll put up any 125 x 125 link to your blog you would like me to throw up there, send me your graphic and the link you want me to use! My traffic consists of EC folks, BlogCatalog, the legal community and friends.

    PS: Congrat’s on the upcoming Wedding

  3. Wendy Friedrich

    Since already linked to you ages ago and also subscribe to your blog via email Well guess the rest goes without saying LOL

    I’m in Of course if it meets with your approval of course my friend


  4. killian

    I’d sell a 125×125 top ad for some bucks, but I never did, so, I’m willing to accept an offer, hellcola is getting an average of 50 uniques/day :)
    let me know if you’re interested, that would be a pleasure :)

  5. Tommy

    The old switcharoo. I don’t buy or sell ads because as you’ve said yourself there Noobs, it’s generally a waste of money. Most of my best CTR’s and success have come from free sources or search engines. Good Luck though!


  6. Chica

    Oh hell all you have to do is ask man, and i would give you a free spot on my blog, I’m getting up their in traffic, by some miracle! lol

  7. Hugo Santos

    Thanks will for telling the right url of my blog.

    Yeah it is $1 for a month but that price is only for the first 2 offers. ONe was already taken and the other will be for bloggernoob.

    After the month has passed the prices will rise. Not much though. lol

    i also have a peel ad for $5 for the first month.

    @Bloggernoob: i sent you an email with the necessary info if you are still interested.

  8. the noob Post author

    Thanks guys for the comments. You all have nice blogs and i’d be honored to have my creepy baby mug plastered on the sidebar of your blogs. I was thinking about changing up the prices, but i felt that i’m still a noob, and i wanted to buy ads from everyone who showed interest. i’ve set the price at 5 dollars. I’ll understand if you feel the prices is too low and not take me up on the offer. I’ll write a post to let you guys know. thanks all!

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  10. Tony - Nigerian Entrepreneur

    Hey buddy. I’ve been wondering how come I see your 125×125 on different blogs. I never came accross this post before now.
    Well, I’ll ask you do me a favour. Visit my site and tell me how much you will be willing to pay for a slot right below my Entrecard widget. Cheers.

  11. Tony - Nigerian Entrepreneur

    Thanks pal. That was quite a fast response from you. I am actually not set to monetize. I wanted to have a third party opinion on the value of my blog, that was why I requested for your offer.

    Thanks for giving the tip. And thanks for responding fast. Cheers.

  12. the noob Post author

    ameeluv- this promotion is over, but i will be doing this again in the near future. check back and leave me a comment when i do this again. thanks.

  13. bloggernoob

    ameeluv- no worries tho, i should do this again in the near future.

    jan- yeah, this promotion is over but i’ll do it again. hit me up when i do this again. 😉

  14. hirfan khan

    Hi noob,its seems to be interesting and useful as i am looking for individual advertisers.I am selling a 125*125 pixel adspot in my blog above fold for U for just 3$ per month.Hope U reply soon.thanx

  15. the noob Post author

    hirfan khan- im not doing this promotion now, but i’ll do this again. keep up look out and hit me up when i do. $3 ads sounds good to me. 😉

    ravi- thanks. im not doing this now, but look for one of my future posts. i’ll be buying them then.

  16. the noob Post author

    kacper- it seems that this post was popular for some reason. i guess a lot of noobies want to sell me ads on their blog. 😉 i will be posting a part two of this soon. keep an eye out. 😉

  17. app

    I understand that this offer has expired, but I am going to make you (and your readers) an offer:

    I have Project Wonderful ads, in 3 different sizes, on a total of 8 different sites, not all of which are blogs. Often times I have empty slots and I have no minimum bid.

    If you are a Project Wonderful member, you can bid $0 for 2 days on all my ad slots, and if any are empty you’ll get a free ad on one or more of my sites. Renew these bids every 2 days and you will always have a chance at free advertising on my sites.

    If you are not a Project Wonderful member, maybe you should join.

    If you don’t like the idea of returning to renew your bid every 2 days, you could bid a penny a day for the next year and not pay more than $3.65 for a year’s worth of advertising ($3.66 if it’s a leap year) on each site. You will only pay for the days the ad actually appears on my site, so it could be even less than that, if others outbid you.

    You can see links to my sites, traffic & referral information, and bidding history here (just click details):

    The first 2 of the RussoGraffix ad boxes also appear on 3 other sites besides the one mentioned, so they are 4 for the price of 1.

    Why am I telling you (and all your readers) this? I don’t like empty ad boxes. I think they look tacky. I’d rather give away free advertising than have empty ad slots. Come fill them up!

    Also, other bloggers should know that there is an opportunity to get free advertising for their sites this way. I am not the only person with no minimum bid and empty slots on Project Wonderful. There are plenty more of us.

  18. the noob Post author

    app- thanks for the offer. i got rid of projectwonderful a few months back. i think i made like 14 months in 2 months. was a terrible ad program. but good luck to you and takes for the offer.

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