Overpaying for links is bad mmmkay

garrison.jpgI paid for a few links at text link ads. I would never pay the regular price for any link they have there. But since i got the $125 worth of links for $25 i tried it out. Not really worth it considering that most of my traffic comes from free sites. Networking on mybloglog and DP is the best way for a new blog to get some traffic. Entrecard is also a new service that brought me some clicks to my site.

I don’t know if putting an ad on johnchow dot com would help my site or not. I wouldn’t spend that type of money anyway for a link. Much better to hedge your ads with multiple middle blogs.

Here are two great links that are under priced.

$5 millionnsdollars You get four link for 5 dollars. One link in each of his posts. These are permanent links.

$5 bloggingtips (no follow but some great exposure) beats wasting time commenting on johnchow dot com.

Just find 100 more links like these and i guarantee that it will perform better then getting one link on johnchow dot com.