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comments.jpgA great way to make your blog look popular is to reply to each and individual comment. When i go over to a new blog, one of the first things i look at are how many comments an article gets. I don’t even check the comments most of the time, but i check the count. If you get someone to comment on you blog, and you comment back, you’ve just doubled your comments. I don’t do this on my blog, but if i did, i could probably double my comments. Replying quickly and frequently to the comments left by your readers is a good habit to grow. The person who left the comment will feel appreciated and will keep checking your blog to see the quick replies. You’ll have multiple visits and more page views. That should convince you that replying to each individual comments works. If it doesn’t, then you should do it cause it’ll make your blog look cooler.

When you see zero comments on a blog post, you don’t want to read it. You don’t want to read something that no one else read. People are like that. They figure that if no body else thought it was interesting, then it’s probably not interesting. Of course this isn’t the right thing to do, but in our hectic lives, this is what we have to do to save time. We have to judge a book by it’s cover. A great way to make your blog look cool is by doubling the comments. Do it by replying to each individual comment.

10 thoughts on “Pad your comments with replies

  1. Chica

    Replying to comments is the way to go. Personally for me, I won’t comment on a blog that I know won’t reply back. Commenting is like starting a mini conversation and if that person isn’t talking back then the convo is over. I try to reply to every comment, and sometimes I miss a few, but I’m in good shape. :)

  2. Jackie

    I just began replying back, I felt bad for not replying back in the first place. So now I make a habit of replying back to my readers even if they don’t come back to read it (then there’s my padding LOL!)

  3. Sarah

    I pretty much always reply back, and only reply to blogs I know reply back, either in the comments, or with an e-mail. If I expect it, I should do the same.

  4. witchypoo

    I usually reply by email unless I feel my answer will add more to the discussion. I’ve been switching it up to see what works better. Sometimes I’m just not clever enough to think of a reply that I want everyone to see.

  5. BloggerOfTheWeb

    I always try to reply to comments. That’s why I set to moderate all comments so that I wun miss any.

    On top of that, I feel it would always be good to…

    1. Mention those who regularly comment in ur blog
    2. Drop a comment in his/her blog in return.

  6. Living on Adsense

    Replies create a level of interactivity. I think replying often could increase your Rss subscription numbers as well.

    The comments and replies is what makes me subscribe to a blog. It’s a way to go beyond the original post and explore further

  7. the noob Post author

    chica- you’re very good with comments. you write. i always appreciate it when u give ur 2 cents. a blog without comments is a static webpage.

    jackie- as long as you started, u should be in good shape. :)

    sarah- yup. the golden rule always works.

    witchypoo- ur a shy comment replier. that’s coo too.

    ben- totally! sometimes the comments end up being better then the post.

    bloggeroftheweb- that’s good. it could get tough tho as your blog grows. i agree about mentioning and dropping comments. it’s all about reciprocating and showing appreciation. that’s why i started the random contest on my blog.

    livingonadsense- amen to that. i find myself checking an interesting post often. i keep going back to see what other people have to say about that post. fun fun

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