Page 1 on google search for “Make Money Blog”

makemoneyblog2.jpgBloggerNoob dot com has hit the first page on google. I’ve been working my keyword rank and today i reach a goal of mine. I wanted to get to the front page of google for search term “Make Money Blog.” I’m the last one listed but i’m glad that the hard work as paid off. Even tho i got slapped by google pagerank for doing sponsored reviews, im glad i was able to work my way up the search results. It’s important for every blogger to set keyword goals. Getting traffic is the most important thing for any blog. Getting keyword specific traffic is probably the best form of traffic. Traffic will help monetize your site, and keyword specific traffic will aid you in getting some private ad sales. Do you want to know how i did it? You’ll be surprised how easy it is.

You should first decide on which keywords you want to focus on. For bloggernoob, i wanted to start with the keywords “Make Money Blog.” Since bloggernoob dot com is a make money blog, it was an easy choice. I also worked on “learn to blog.” For you first attempt, try not to focus on keywords that are very popular. It’s not going to happen for you fast and the delay will most likely cause you to lose hope. Focus on terms that apply to your site but isn’t that too popular. Here is a list of things to do.

1. Get keyword anchoring links. When you ask for links or do link trades, have them put your keywords, not the name of your site.

2. Get links to individual posts. These deep links will help you get more of your site indexed. Link to your individual posts. When you write a post try to include links to your archived posts.

3. Frequently use your keywords in your title and post. Try to bold the keyword text inside the posts. Mention your keywords often in your posts. Don’t over do this, mentioning your keywords three times is good.

4. Use your keywords in your tags. Label your keywords in your catagory section and place some of your posts in that catagory.

5. Use pictures. Your keywords should be part of the picture name. For example, i’ll use a picture of a 100 dollar bill and name that picture, “makemoneyblog” or “make-money-blog”

6. Label your widgets with your keywords. If you noticed, my sidebar and footer widgets all have the words, “make money” or “make money blog” in them.

7. Put some footer links on your site that point to your blog with your keywords as anchoring text. Check out my footer links if you want to see an example of this.

8. Set up more blogs and include links to your main blog with keyword specific anchoring text. Use domain names that you aren’t using. Or if you already have multiple blogs, link to your other blogs. I have over a hundred domains. I haven’t set up sites yet on all the domains, but i plan to get all the domains up soon. After i slowly get content for each site, i’ll include links to bloggernoob with anchoring text “make money blog.”

9. Work hard. Try to do this on a daily basis. Update your content often and you should reach your keyword search goals in no time.

Remember to work these strategies on multiple blogs and websites. You can host multiple blogs on a single web hosting plan.

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30 thoughts on “Page 1 on google search for “Make Money Blog”

  1. bloggernoob

    bloggeroftheweb- thanks. search visibility is all about working your keywords. i think if you follow the steps i followed, you should start seeing you site on google search

  2. Garg the Unzola

    I’ve been getting quite a bit of organic google traffic, without having to resort to keywords and such.

    Nice post, will bear it in mind if my google traffic drops, thanks.

  3. Chica

    Wow you sure are getting up there and fast man! Congratulations on getting to the front page, now keep working hard to say there, and you’ll be aight. :)

  4. Tommy

    Wow. Congrats on page 1. It’s a nice feeling of accomplishment huh? Pointing out the importance of keywords (especially those deep links) is very well said. I get more search engine traffic from those deep links than anything else. I often have to dig pretty deep to see how someone arrived at the site. Congrats again Noob. Stay strong! Peace………T

  5. Living on Adsense

    Great Jeeeearb!

    Igor: In regards to:”But why You don’t use AdSense on Your blog?”

    Adsense ads work the best on sites where your viewers are not so web savvy. Using adsense on sites where people know what adsense is all about is usually not very profitable.

    Trust me on this one. I still don’t know why I continue to use adsense on my blog…

  6. soundtrackgeek

    Congratulations! You should get quite a few hits daily for being on page 1 for that keyword phrase. Steve Pavlina on spot nr.1 get about 400 clicks each day from that very keyword.

  7. ryan

    @JollyJo, Google just hates sponsored reviews. They tend to hit ya back for influencing their search engine positions, they also hate make money blogs…trust me.

    N00b, congrats and I am gunning for you to get past Chow’!

  8. Richard Abelson

    Hey Noob, BTW, its Just like the military. I’d rather take orders from an enlisted guy who went through the ranks to become and officer then listen to that officer who just got out of the Academy and doesn’t know squat.

    You been in the trenches…. Now you get to sit in the Captains chair.. Or err… something like that..


  9. the noob Post author

    gargtheunzola- organic google traffic is probably the best form of traffic. is it the site you left on the comment that you’re getting the google traffic?

    sofia- i will try to write great content. great? hmmm that might be too much pressure for the noob. i’ll try to write good’s that :)

    chica- thanks chica. you were one of the first bloggers to keep coming back to my humble blog. i really appreciate it. i’ll mail u a cookie one of these days.

    tommy- thanks tommy. yeah deep links are crucial if you want to longevity in the blogging game.

    living on adsense- thanks for explaing adsense…i think a lot of people don’t fully understand what works and doesn’t with regards to adsense.

    soundtrackgeek- i didn’t know stevepavlina got that many hits each day. wow. i would be happy if i get to the top 5 spot. maybe i could get over a hundred a day from it. thanks for the info

    jollyjo- yeah…what ryan said. google doesn’t like sponsored reviews or paid links. they only want webmasters to make money with their ad programs. pretty damn communist if you ask me. too bad they are king

    ryan- thanks for clarifyin to jollyjo ryan. and thanks for your encouraging words. i don’t think i’ll ever get past chow. his blog is just a machine. people love his food reviews.

    asmaa- thanks. i try to keep it simple. and red….works for coca cola.

    deimostelarin- thanks yo. and mate. :) hopefully i can hold on tho the spot. thats the hard part. holding your place in line with google.

    richardabelson- i just gave you some link love cause of your comments. i like your military analogy. thanks bro.

    hugosantos- maybe. i still think im a big noob. but i guess im working my way up. i might have to register the domain

  10. Kowgirl

    Congratulations! Thanks for getting the word out. I have been telling people this for months and they just didn’t get it. Good content & Keywords. That’s what works best. I have had 3 of my blogs on the #1 page in position #1 #3 and #4 for months. I did not put them in any search engine nor do anything the “Guru’s said”. Good advice is always welcome from someone who came from the bottom up and works for the reward of the #1 position. Just shows what a little work and staying focused can do.

  11. BloggerOfTheWeb

    Hi BloggerNoob,

    I have a question.

    I am trying to build on certain keywords in google. So for a start, I am trying to see when I type in the keywords in Google, where will my site rank in the search.

    However, I tried to search through the 1st 10 pages, I couldn’t find my site. I am afraid that my site is way behind.

    Instead of going through the page 1 by 1, is there a more effective way to know which page does my site rank?


  12. the noob Post author

    kowgirl- thanks kowgirl. and good job on your keywords!

    bloggeroftheweb- i’ve heard that there are sites where you can check, but i’ve never used them. i think u should focus on growing your blog a bit more, and then search for you domain. if that doesn’t show up, means your site is too new. and then from there, keep working the keywords you want and check the top ten pages. it’s not an overnight thing, but you’ll get there with some sweatwork

  13. Kristin

    Congrats to that! I have done searches for my blog and have found it. Just not the very first link! Great job man you have a new reader here!

  14. the noob Post author

    kristin- thanks kristin. just keep working it and you’ll see ur link on the first page. then the first link. one brick at a time right?

  15. mert

    I am checking this blog for about 15 minutes now and really shocked by your success. You have a nice keyword and nice serps, hope you have success on other keywords too.

  16. Sylvia G

    Hi Noob, this was a great article. It just goes to show that a some knowledge and hard work does pay off.

    I just wanted to add that even though you have done what the big G needs to come up on page one…the fact that your blog is a very very good one helps just as much.

    Have you considered just using adsense for referrals on your blog? I am having great results from some not all of my sites with the referrals.


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  18. the noob Post author

    sylvia- i’m not a fan of adsense…but adsense for referrals might be worthwhile. too bad i’m banned from google. haha. apparently they think that i commited click fraud. maybe i did click my own links a few times. but i only did it to test it out. damn those google bots. :) out of curiosity, how much do you make with adsense referrals?

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