Paid plugging is profitable

paid plugging make money onlineMost of you already know that i am a big advocate of paid plugging. I think that this form of monetization is the easiest to get started with. If you tried out adsense, you probably already know how hard it is to make money online with adsense. If you’re reading my blog, you’re probably not making much with affiliate sites either. Paid plugging is still one the the biggest money makers on bloggernoob dot com. I wanted to show you noobs some fancy screen shots of how i’ve been doing. As you can tell, i’ve been making money online. It’s totally possible to make a hundred dollars a day with you blog.

make money online. make $160 a day with your blogI talked about how easy it is to make $80 a day. Well, as you can see with the screen shots, you can even make $160 a day. This screen shot shows me as one of the top daily earners on PPP. $166 a day ain’t too shabby right?

make money online by bloggingDon’t let other “make money online” bloggers tell you want to do. If something works out for you, exploit the hell out of it. Sell out that mug until it is dry. When you see something that bring you cash, keep doing it. So far, i’ve made $1196 with ppp this month. I’ve been busy with other stuff too. Not bad for a noobie.

make money onlineMaking money online is not that hard. When you start learning the tricks of the trade, you will understand what i am talking about. $1088 was where i was at yesterday for the month of Sept.

make money blogTime is on your side. The longer you play the game, the more chances you will get to make money online. $113 is what i made yesterday.

make money blogging, learn to blogIf you want to make money online by doing paid plugs, sign up with payperpost, sponsoredreviews, and smorty. If you want a more complete list, check out the post i wrote about paid posting.

(I guess i revealed my Noob name. You guys can call me Mr. Seung from now on) Noob out!

18 thoughts on “Paid plugging is profitable

  1. Norm

    Thanks bloggernoob. This post has encourage me to join in the Pay Per Post gig.

    This is a great way to also rate yourself on how much your writing skills are worth.

    Also great way to work on my writing skills.


  2. Bill

    I am a member of PPP also but i have not been getting any opps lately. Every time i check they have already been taken. I also am on Social Sparks and doing better there.

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  4. Chelle

    I made a good bit with paid plugging this month – with 2 decent paychecks from I don’t like payperpost though and have yet to ever write a review for them even though i signed up. it is possible to make $$ with adsense, but it’s not nearly as easy to get set up right, it’s much more automated once its in place!

  5. Internet Marketing Strategy

    Doesn’t doing paid plugs get you in trouble with Google? Do you just do it on certain blogs that you don’t expect to rank with Google? Then how do you get traffic and PR for those sites?
    I’ve thought about doing some paid stuff, but didn’t want to mess up what I’ve already got going on with my site.


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  7. Toga

    How many blogs do you have to make your earn Mr. Seung? Maybe you can show me the one.
    I’m newbie in paid review, please give me some advice, maybe by private email.
    Thanks :)

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