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paidpostaffiliatepost.jpgAs many of you already know, i’m a big supporter of paid posts. It honestly is a great way for noob bloggers to start monetizing their blogs. It’s very cut and dry. You write a post, you get paid. No gamble whatsoever. On the flip side, i’m also a huge supporter of affiliate commissions too. This has a great upside, but the only thing is, that it’s a gamble. Sometimes you’ll won’t get paid for your posts. If the visitor you send doesn’t signup or buy, then you get nothing. But if it’s a hot item and you did a great job marketing it, the potential is huge. You could make hundreds even thousands off of one affiliate link.

Before i started bloggernoob, i already made a few affiliate landing pages. I made a few bucks with these static pages. But i didn’t realize the potential until i started bloggernoob dot com. I started off strong in the affiliate commission department, but have since slowed down cause i’ve been focused on growing my blog. I’ve been working my keywords, and promoting this blog more. I don’t have that much time to devote to this blog, so i have to pick which areas i want to work on for the week. Right now, i’m in LA to plan my wedding, so i’ve had even less time to work on this blog. But i still manage to get at least a post in everyday. I do it cause it’s necessary. And it’s not a big deal cause it doesn’t take more then an hour a day. Sometimes less cause i have draft posts i can use for days i don’t feel like writing anything. I update via my iphone when necessary. Updating on a daily basis is absolutely necessarily when you want to build up a blog. That’s the only card you can play when you’re a noob. If you keep posting, people will start visiting. Even with light promotion, i managed to get grow this blog to where it is today.

Anyway…the post title is about paid posts and affiliate posts. What’s the better method? Do you even need to choose? I have both affiliate links and paid posts on my blog. In the first month, i made more in affiliate commissions. But month two and three have been dominated by paid posts and referral commissions. What do i think is the better method. If i have to choose, i would pick affiliate links. Here’s why.

Posting about your affiliates can yield you more blogging income. It’s cause the sky’s the limit on these suckers. Paid posting will only pay you the fixed amount. If you get paid 30 bucks for a paid post about web hosting, you’ll only get 30 bucks. It doesn’t matter how many people sign up after reading that post. You’ll only get 30. But if you wrote the post using an affiliate link, you could potentially make hundreds. Even if you sell one hosting plan, you’ll make at least double the paid posting price.

This only works when your blog gets to a certain traffic level. If you only have a few readers, you should take the paid posting money and be happy with it. But if you regularly get hundreds of visitors to you site a day, you should work the affiliates.

My January 2008 archives is filled with paid posts. Most of them receive zero comments and are usually ignored. But i’ve been noticing that my recent paid posts have been getting more and more attention. Some people are clicking thru and joining these services. If those posts were affiliate posts, i would have made more money. So i think i will start working my affiliates more after i return to Chicago.

8 thoughts on “Paid posts vs affiliate posts

  1. alanj878

    I agree Noob that affiliate marketing is better than paid post.Not only that, it is better than than stagnant advertising. Oh also noob come visit my site I have just added some pepperjam and never blue affiliate links and banners tell me what you think.pepper jam and never blue are awesome the are light years ahead of commission junction and clickbank come to my site and see it for yourself

  2. Justin Dupre

    I don’t make any money on my blog, per-se, (except from you buying $5 of ad space)Haha, but it does help me make money. I used to do pay per post crap, but now I make more money writing for other people in an hour, without having to give another company 35% and without needing a huge pagerank for more than 3 dollar posts.

    I’m working on my affiliates as of now, but don’t want to get off topic with what my blog is all about.

    Justin Dupre

  3. Tim

    Great post!

    I’m obviously an affiliate marketing fan, so I haven’t really done paid posting yet (just 1 :P). I think I’ll always be attracted to the potential of affiliate earnings, even months later.

    But of course, it doesn’t really work that well in the early stages of a blog. I still make pretty much nothing, but I know that when I eventually get a solid reader base, like you are well on your way to having judging from your rss numbers, it will be much easier to get offers noticed.

    Keep up the good work :)

  4. Allyn Paul

    I am trying a little of the affiliate link idea. I have bought ad space on a couple medium-sized blogs and place my affiliate links in their sidebars. Sor far, I have had a few clicks but no conversions.

    On my own site, my traffic is growing to the point where I will begin to write about my affiliates and see what that gets me.
    The concern I have is that I want to only promote products that I have used so my readers don’t lose trust in me, so I have actually purchased a few things from my affiliates on my own.
    I am counting this cost as a business expense and will weigh it against the return.
    ramble rambls,

  5. Allyn Paul

    Oh yeah, and Noob, don’t come back to Chicago brutha… it is really nasty here right now.
    Stay out there and have some Carl’s Junior or Del Taco for me.

  6. the noob Post author

    alan- yeah! agree with the noob. pepperjam and neverblue has been getting a lot of buzz. i think all new programs start off that way. only time will tell. i’m still a CJ guy. checked out ur site. it’s loading faster so that’s good. :)

    cliff- thanks cliff, you left the wrong url tho. but i did my csi work and found it. very flattering review. thanks.

    justin- i don’t think it’s that bad to go off topic. i actually it’s good to.

    tim- affiliates tim! seems like you have some experience with affiliates. i’m sure you have quite a few affiliate sites right? how much does your main one make?

    allyn- i hope the link works out for you. i put you on top for max exposure :) you’ll get at least one allyn. i’ll join after i go back to chicago. :) least i can do!

    allyn-what’s up with you and the double comments. a bit trigger happy with your submit comment button aren’t we? yeah i heard. everybody is saying don’t come back! del taco and carl’s. that’s right, i haven’t seen any in chitown. don’t worry. i’ll grub before i return. i think i gained like 4 pounds. koreatown has got some nice eats!

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