Pay Per Post is down

sienna miller is down to make money onlineSome of you paid posting rats have probably been wondering why it has been super slow at payperpost. Mid week is usually really busy over there. I make around $40 a day over there. Add that to the total i make from sponsoredreviews and smorty and i make $80/day on these paid pluggin sites. But today, the site was at a lock down. I logged in twice to do my daily posting on my other blogs, but found nothing. I then checked the status of my blogs. I found that all of my blogs had PR0. I didn’t really lose my PR, but the site that payperpost was using to check PR was down. So, a lot of the blogs in IZEA’s database showed a PR Zero.

I get pretty antsy when i don’t know what’s going on. That is why i think it’s important to know where to look for fast information. If you want to be a stand out blogger, you have to be good at research. You can’t just spit out what other bloggers say, you have to go to the root. You have to dig out the source of the info. It’s all about primary sources. I learned this writing college research papers.

Whatever your money source is, you should know the url of their support page. If you make money with adsense, you better be on top of what google is doing. If you use ppp, you better hit up the company blog or forum. There are a lot of “make money online” blogs that spit out the same shit. This is true because people try to copy the so called “A listers.” Don’t be one of those losers. Be your own blogger. Get your own info and tips down. Don’t copy, be copied.

Most of the ad networks set up their own forum or blog. In some cases, they have both. Constantly be checking these sites. Be the first to report the news. I learned that ppp was having PR errors because i checked IZEA’s forum. Read the blogs and forums of different ad networks and you will be one of the few “make money online” bloggers who actually make money online.

15 thoughts on “Pay Per Post is down

  1. Wess Stewart

    My blog is PR3, and I’ve done decently with PayPerPost, but honestly I’ve noticed that they are slower with approving posts lately.

    I’ve also been logging in less, because most of the post offers that they have had lately are so ‘spammy-looking’ that I’m not sure I want to link to them, let alone multiple times.

    So far I don’t get enough traffic to even consider AdSense (or other programs) to be an income generating program.

    I don’t know. They aren’t about to shut the whole thing down, are they?

  2. Joy

    According to my source PPP is screening all blogger blog that are registered to them. Those quality blog will remain and eliminate those unworthy. Bad thing is, they don’t have any specifications of what is quality blogs to them. A lot were affected and we don’t know when it will be back to normal and when we will know if our blogs will remain or eliminated.

  3. Claire

    Cheers for advertising on my blog today! Your blog was not what I thought it was from the title so I will be popping by often for our tips! Cheers…

  4. the noob Post author

    ppp was back two days ago. i think they are auditing their system. i got one of my blogs booted from them. it’s a damn shame too, it was a PR4 blog that got a lot of posting offers. πŸ˜‰ still got a lot of high PR blogs tho. that’s the beauty of blog farming for PR. cha…ching!

  5. Michael

    Hey bloggernoob, have you had any pagerank slaps from google on any of your sites you use paid posting on? Or is there something you do to avoid that happening?

  6. the noob Post author

    michael- yeah i’ve been slapped many times by google for doing paid plugs. you can try to avoid it, but in my opinion, it isn’t worth the time. it’s probably easier to grow another set up PR blogs. Just keep farming PR blogs. try to have a new set growing for the next update etc. that way you will always have a few money blog to do paid plugs on. as far as avoiding it, u can get rid of anything that says “paid posting” on your blog. don’t tag anything as sponsored, or paid post, etc. if you have a ppp ad, remove it from your blog. try not to take posting opps that have the image or sponsored tracker. u can switch to paid posting programs that use the no follow links. but those don’t have a lot of opps, and don’t pay that well. hope that helps a little. πŸ˜‰

  7. Michael

    What PR do you get each website up to before you start doing the paid posts? Also is there anyway around the 90 day waiting period for a site with payperpost? Lastly how many sites do you try and have to do paid plugs on at all times? Thanks for your response to my last question.

  8. the noob Post author

    michael- well, the higher the pr, the more opps u will get. and you will get higher paying ones as well. but, you can get some opps with a PR2 blog. right now, i have around 10 blogs that i use for paid plugging. seems to work out well, cause i make around 80-120 a day from various paid plugging sites.

  9. Ela Noblin

    Lots of thanks for posting this, It’s just what I was researching this on yahoo. I’ve been lookig at opinions from different people, rather than an biased news internet page, that’s why I like blogs so much. Many thanks!

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