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pay.jpgI’ve learned that the best way to get traffic to my blog is via bribes. It just flat out works. That’s why you see so many damn contests. If you’re making money with you blog, you should seriously think about giving some of it away to continue growing your blog.

Webmasters pay a lot of money for links. They promote their sites by spending money because they think of it as an investment. If you spend 100 dollars a month promoting your site, as long as you receive some sort of return on your investment, it can be viewed as money well spent.

I’m constantly giving my hard earned blogging dollars away. I randomly give out 5 bucks to my readers. I hold stupid contests and competitions to entice other bloggers. They sometimes comment. They might even link to my blog. Most will keep coming back. The end result is a high traffic blog.

I’ve been pretty busy with my wedding, so i haven’t been able to post or reply to my comments. But guess what, people still swing by my blog everyday cause they might win some easy money. A few of them click over to actually read my blog. Thanks readers! That’s why i keep giving you guys the big bucks.($5) Today’s lucky winner is CCRicers. Leave me a comment and i’ll paypal you five bucks.

Anyway, if you make money with you blog, you really need to be giving some of it away. You’ll feel better about whoring you blog with ads and paid plugs. Don’t give out too much tho. Remember you’re still in this game to keep some of your blog earnings.

When you’re trying out new tricks to gain traffic or readership, add some $ signs to the mix. Money talks and you’ll discover that paying off your readers is one of the best promotional strategies in the make money blog game. Rule of thumb, always pay promptly. You don’t want to be labeled a jackass blogger who doesn’t pay up. Also, try to think of something original. Find a cool or fun way of giving out money. Think like a child. Remember how much fun treasure hunts were. Remember easter egg hunts. Remember the joy of openning up your first fortune cookie. Remember that first blog payment. Who knows, maybe one of your readers never got paid online. If that’s the case, imagine how thrilled they will be when you send them $5 via paypal. He or she will become a life time readers.

21 thoughts on “Pay your readers

  1. Jeff -

    The last Weekly Buzz prize I gave away was free traffic in the form of 200 unique visitors. I paid for that traffic, of course, but I consider it money well spent for the amount of buzz it created around my blog.

  2. Ditto Rahmat

    I agree with witchypoo. Bribery does work. But I think you shouldn’t over abuse it or your reader might stop reading your blog if you stop bribing them :)

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. Tim

    You’re totally right. Heck, you don’t even have to give out money, just flash your big earnings checks and people will hang on your every word.

    I think you know the bloggers I’m talking about 😉

  4. the noob Post author

    andrew ooi- thanks andrew. hopefully i can bribe others like you 😉

    witchypoo- i think you’re one of bloggernoob’s biggest contest/competition/random prize winners. of course it works on you.

    juha- thanks for the link. it’s a pretty interesting post.

    2thepoint- aww. but i’m pretty sure she’s the right one for me. i only wish she didn’t nag so much…but if i got my wish, she would turn into a boy.

    jeff- 200 uniques is awesome. how much was the prize money? if it was 5 bucks…then it was money well spent.

    shravan- good luck to you

    ditto- agreed. everything should be done in moderation. there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

    gila- i thought i just did 😉

    jason- now i know why you’re such a good internet marketer….you’re a great liar! 😉

    tim- yup yup. flash stuff. i wonder how people will react if i put up a false google check.

  5. Funked

    Everyone loves free money 😀 I wish I had some to give away. I just blew all my months earnings on domain names :( I guess I could give away one of those.

  6. Mirjam

    got here to see how come I received visitors through your blog, funny to see a post of mine mentioned in the comments 😀

    It would be fun to see a Gordon Ramsey style blog, wonder who will run away with the idea LOL

    As for the bribery … *rolling my eyes* not sure what to comment on that, I have thought of running a contest as well… but … not sure really, I kind of like having people hanging around and coming back because of the content … not because they want to see if they have won something… so I better focus on that a lot more 😉

  7. the noob Post author

    funked- the domain game is pretty fun, just gotta be careful, don’t buy too many. I have around 50 domains that are just sitting there.

    mirjam- yeah, you got some love from one of my readers. :) contests are a good way to generate traffic, maybe it’s not lasting…but thats marketing. in a perfect world, we would all be judged by our good deeds or blog content. but alas, our world is full of people who can only see the coin. gotta flash some cash, especially if you’re in the blogging for cash game.

  8. ccRicers

    Cool beans! I won something. The prize may be small but it’s the recognition that counts.

    Giving out prizes really does work. I find I have some excess stuff that I can either just give out or eBay for cash. Giving away stuff is an investment to your blog for bigger earnings down the road.

  9. Jared Stenzel

    Caroline Middlebroke ran an easter egg hunt. It was pretty big scale. As for paying your readers I agree, I just don’t see what the huge deal about $5 contests is 😉 Sure I’d take the $5 if I were to be one of your random winners, but I’m not going to subscribe to a blog just to hope to get luckily chosen to win the $5. I’d bet there aren’t many people here because of your $5 giveaways.

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