Paying for visits to make money online

penelopecruz.jpgIn the early stages of blog development, growth is pretty easy to attain. You start a blog and start adding friends on blogcatalog and mybloglog and you’ll get clicks. You could beg for reviews on web forums. You could put up the entrecard widget and you’ll get a few more. This is all free and this is how you should start your blogging promotion. This is how you’ll make money online.

But after you blog reaches a certain level, you can’t rely on such methods. After a certain point, you won’t be able to maintain the traffic level. For bloggernoob dot com, that level was around the 300 visits a day mark. I noticed this blog was getting more regulars, but it wasn’t growing at all. You have to keep growing your blog or you won’t make any money with your blog.

That’s when you should consider paying for visits. There are a lot of ways to spend money to attract visitors. You can use services like adwords or bidvertiser. Or you can run contests on your blog. I’ve tried out all sorts of advertising. I became an advertiser on payperpost, adwords, bidvertiser, etc.

I now realize that i threw my money away. First off, the money you spend via these programs is pretty high. Paying 5 dollars per paid post isn’t a good way to generate traffic. (and then there’s the ad fee of 30%) If you do paid posting, you already know that it’s crap. The paid posts i write are useless junk. They aren’t written to send traffic to the sponsor. They are written only for the sake of getting paid for that post. That’s why paid posting sites suck for advertisers.

Paying for links could be a useful strategy for building up google juice. It probably won’t send you traffic tho. And most of the links available are way overpriced. Adwords? You kidding me. It’s probably the stupidest way to get clicks to your site. So what’s a noob to do?

From what i can tell, contests are the way to go. Don’t try to out do those mega contests. The prizes you offer don’t have to be much. Seriously 5 bucks will do it. I’d personally rather enter a 5 dollar contest that has 10 entrants, as opposed to a 500 dollar one with 500 entrants. Just seems more real. And it’s a great way to network with other newbie bloggers. If you want to be richie rich, then bump the prize money to 10 or 20 bucks. My point is that you can run contests on the cheap. It’ll get you more traffic then paying for a $25 text link on some random bidvertiser blog.

5 thoughts on “Paying for visits to make money online

  1. Muratos

    Actually, I agree with you about paid posts. I believe also that they are useless, even I have given up writing them mostly. But, using Google Adwords with Google Adsense you can make a good level of money. It is a matter of many trials before you find the profitable website content and ads couple for your site(s) to advertise.

  2. Carl does SEO

    I agree that getting traffic after that point is difficult but there are a few things you could try that might help other than paying for traffic.

    Create a nice looking theme for blogspot or wordpress, but make sure its compatible with the latest buzz thing (widgets) and make that available for free download. Then write a couple of posts about customizing it.

    Or, create a badge that you give to other bloggers for being such wonderful writers or whatever, of course the badge would link back to your page, but make it a meme type badge that they can give to their friends as well. for a few months you’ll have your badge sitting in their sidebar/blogroll page giving you extra backlinks and if its designed well enough probably extra traffic.

  3. the noob Post author

    grademoney- both blogs suck ass. 😉

    muratos- i think paid posts are useless for the advertisers. for the newbie publisher, they’re a godsend. if i couldn’t monetize my site with paid plugs, i might have given up on my blog. it’s a great way to start making a few bucks.

    carl does seo- all that you mentioned are good ideas. only thing with themes is, some of us don’t know how to deal with css and php. no speak mucho code.

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