payperpost is getting cheap

Writing for you blog can be time consuming. Some blog just for the love of the game. Others (like myself) blog for the money. If you are reading my blog, you probably want to make some money with you blog. I have been a big time advocate of paid plugging. I think that it is an easy way to make a few dollars with you blog. But, the market might be changing. The largest and most popular paid plugging site is getting cheap. I’ve been noticing the posting opts that they have available at payperpost. The “99 cents” store pops into my head. I wouldn’t really have any issues with it, but 50 cents for a post is just ridiculous. The kicker is that they kick out bloggers who just blog for money. I got a few of my blogs (including kicked out of their system because i write a lot of paid plugs. How are they supposed to keep quality blogs in their system if they are just going to pay 50 cents per post?

This is one of the reasons why i think sponsored reviews is better then payperpost. Also, this is why you want to avoid doing paid plugs as your blog ages.

When you start off your blog, start monetizing it with cheap and useless posts. After you start getting some regular traffic, switch to google adsense and affiliate marketing.

Writing a review post about penis enlargements or online casinos for $5 is bad enough. But for $0.50, it’s insulting even for a straight up noob. You could make more money online by filling out surveys. Don’t take these cheap ass payperpost opts noobies. Even if you are a bottom dweller in the blogosphere, have some dignity and draw the line. $5-$10 should be the min for your paid plugs. Noob out!

24 thoughts on “payperpost is getting cheap

  1. Dalirin

    That is insulting. I rather be a copywriter than doing that $0.50 reviews. I think Google can detect PPP because they require to put a disclosure badge on your site. I might use PPP now to advertise. It is relatively cheaper.

  2. POTPOLITICS@dofollow

    Hey Noob
    Stopped by to say Happy 2009 and all that.
    I have NO respect or love for all those lame ass companies. I’ll mention two words that have me making some SERIOUS bank hydra and neverblue;)
    doing 5 g’s a month on just those
    and advaliant is killer also 😉

  3. Dean Saliba

    I’m starting to think me being kicked out of PPP was a good thing, I make far more money with my other networks than I ever did with PPP.

    And these networks don’t insist on me not doing reviews with other networks or having Adsense on blogs.

  4. Jared Stenzel

    The advantages of this; however, are for those of us actually wanting to pay for reviews. Their loss is our gain. If I can get content up on blogs for $0.50 it would be worth it. In fact, you could do some affiliate advertising no problem with that.

    While it doesn’t necessarily benefit you as a blogger, it would allow you to experiment with affiliate advertising of smaller products.

  5. Chelle

    Wow! I haven’t visited in awhile but there’s no half naked girl at the front of this post!

    anyways,i agree sponsored reviews is the way to go. I might only get 1-2 offers a month per blog, but each is for $30, not too shabby! :) Sure beats writing 12 $5 posts, don’t you think? I’m sure my readers appreciate it too.

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  7. Market Secrets Blogger

    Yea…paid to post is for first starting out. It motivates you to practice writing content which makes your future writings even better.

    …and yes,surveys are better and is more “diginified” because you’re actually helping the industry by providing crucial consumer type info 😉

  8. Taylor

    Dude. I quit payperpost last year. December was my last month. I am so glad i quit too. Just at the right time.

    The thing about paid plugging is this: It’s not consistent flow. (well nothing online is) but paid plugging is really bad cuz you could make flow one day and nothing the next.

    However, if you’re always providing valuable content and ranking well on Google for that content then you’ll always be making money.

    Like I have always said, Paid Plugging will make you money once. Real content will make you money forever.

    And that is the truth!

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