Payperpost today

payperpost.jpgPayperpost is doing some heavy promoting lately. They gave some free advertising dollars to some power users of that site and i think a lot of them are starting to cash in their free ad credits. So today and tomorrow, you should start seeing a lot of $5 and $10 dollar posting gigs available. Just keep checking payperpost and make a few bucks. If you aren’t signed up with them, do so now and start making some paid posts. They recently changed the TOS so your blog will be approved if it’s 30 days old. I will also test out the waters and place a few posting gigs for payperpost bloggers. If you find my opt, be sure to take it and get paid for writing about bloggernoob dot com.

10 thoughts on “Payperpost today

  1. the noob Post author

    killian- yeah, get started and make a few bucks every post. :)

    forest- yup. i told a few of my offline noob blogging friends. they love it.

  2. Jackie

    Very annoyed with them right now…this is the second time my blog was denied and for very inaccurate reasons…the first reason they denied me was because of the TOS 90 Day rule…understandable…the second time they say I have not done 10 Posts in the last 30 days…now Noob you have seen my blog…I just want a break geez!

  3. the noob Post author

    jackie- sorry to hear. they are usually pretty good with support. i suggest you contact them with you complaint. let them know that you do meet the requirement. and i think they will accept you. tell them that your blog is over 30 days old and you have more then 10 posts.

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