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The Noob is big on education. I think that it’s best to always be learning something new. Before i started bloggernoob dot com, i knew nothing about the internet. I only knew how to search for stuff. I had no clue about IT or computers. But after i set up this blog, i was forced to learn these things. I’m actually thinking about taking a few courses about computers and the internet. I want to learn the basics about IT and networking. There’s a course at PC Pro Schools that helps people start a new career. If you ever thought about getting a job in IT, you should visit PC Pro Schools.

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  1. benwaynet

    I’m sorry but PC Pro School just continues to push the idea of a ‘paper’ MCSE. Their idea is to get your money and get you out the door as soon as possible.
    Experience or a 4 year degree are much better than PPS.

  2. the noob Post author

    super dave- i haven’t tried the program out myself, but from the looks of things, i think it would be good to try. 😉 i’m into learning new things.

    beau71- if i could go back to school, i’d study computer science or something like that. i think it’s cool that you’re an IT pro. 😉

    benwaynet- thanks for your input. I think people have different views about this. some would say that a college degree is worth nothing more then the paper degree. other’s would argue that the experience and contacts made is priceless. I can relate to both sides. i think having the paper degree so tha tyou can go out and start working is good cause you get to learn while u work. no school is going to teach you everything. but if it can help you get a job and place you so that you can continue learning, i’m all for that. 😉

  3. paid to review?

    you are required to disclose this now.

    pc pro schools are a rip off. not worth it at all. their job placement rates are inflated by low-paying short-term temp jobs. unfortunately the poor kids who might get suckered into going there may also believe they can get a legit review off a site about making money online.

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  5. jenny

    Wow…Paid to review??? You seem mighty angry.

    I don’t know what your experience was with them but mine was really good. I attended PC proschools and don’t consider myself to be some “poor sucker”. I received great training and help with getting a job. I’ve had my job for 2 years now and the pay is good.

  6. Recentgrad

    I recently graduated from PPS. I have to say that the education part is pretty sound. However, their job placement SUCKS. I graduated in June of 2008, and had a few “bones” thrown my way. That pretty much ended after about 3 months. I would send emails to the campus director, AND the instructors and never get a response. They teach you all about follow up, and professionalism, and they don’t follow through???
    I also thought the recruiters were VERY pushy. I find out after I graduated, that they are paid a salary PLUS commission. If the schools is so great, why are they paid commission? Shouldn’t the school sell itself?

  7. 2phatsac

    You can’t be serious…PC Pro Schools?? 6 months to a 60k job?? Bull crap. If I ever received a resume with PC Pro Schools on it I would call the person in for an interview just so I could tear them apart; I’ve done it to 10+ year people I’ll surely do it to 6 month infants. I’m sure it costs 10-15k to get their paper certifications. Why would you do that when you can go and buy the books for a few hudred and get the same paper based cert at the end? If you somehow get past the interview and get a job you’ll crap all over yourself when the theory and the labs in the controlled environment don’t work so well in the real world. Here are my steps to being successful in this industry; 1) Get the degree, 2) Get the entry level job, 3) Get the real world hands on, 4) Get the certs, 5) Move up…rinse and repeat. Nobody, and I mean nobody, will ever take schools like this seriously. It’s a money grab people. Wake up!!! It’s because of organzations like this that a lot of the certifications are losing their value and real professionals such as myself are paying the price.

  8. ResearchingOptions

    2phatsac, I find your comments insulting and ridiculous. You rant like a jealous 13 year old who is mad at anyone who would dare consider trying to accomplish what you have without attending a 4 year school and 10+ years of work experience. Your screen name alone suggests your immaturity. So does it make you feel like a big man suggesting that you would tear apart a job candidate who has taken a 6 month course? I would bet dollars to donnuts the reason you are really pissed off is because people are earning their certs through PPS or other similiar schools and doing what you are without a 4 year degree and in half the time it took you.

  9. Recentgrad

    I completely agree with you, Research. I was insulted by the arrogance of that post. Why would you want to call someone in, just to “tear them apart”?
    PPS is a VERY intense 6 months. Not everyone can hang, we had 3 people drop out, before the course was finished.
    As far as the 6 months to a 60k job: I don’t know where you got that, but I for one, know it’s NOT true. I graduated in June, and I am STILL looking for a job.

  10. Gus

    In a general response to most of these elitist professionals: Why are you threatened? What is your beef with these paper certifications? I am four months deep in this course and all my certs are issued by Microsoft. According to Bill Gates, I am qualified to perform all the duties of any system or network admin and didn’t have to waste three and a half years of school to get to the bare bones of the material, i.e., taking useless bowling classes and the like so a major university can provide me with a “well rounded” education to the tune ot tens of thousands of dollars more. As for the job placement, I own my own engagement for that. I would love to be interviewed vigorously by these professional veterans. It would contribute to my ongoing education, which is standard for all IT professionals.

  11. Justen

    I’m also researching my options and currently switched from a 4year to a 2year to get more hands on. Problem though is all the bogus crap I don’t feel like taking: intro to basket weaving, and great feminists of the 20th century 101. Ohh yaa this stuff has to be relevant in the real world and will contribute to my success in the IT field and should be worth more than certifications would. However I have had a few employers call me and loved my resume but wanted to know where my degree was and when they found out I didn’t have one, they of course were no longer interested. And honestly and truly I had one recruiter from either booz allen Hamilton or Lockheed that said it didn’t matter what my degree was in, it could be in basket weaving and I would have had a job offer, pretty freaking crazy if you ask me. I myself was considering pcpro schools because with a child and a full time job, I just need some certifications to augment my experience however I would stay away from PC Pro schools not because they are considered a certification mill but because of the costs cost costs costs!!! A degree is a piece of paper a certification is a piece of paper and different companies want different things, granted I wont be getting an offer from BAH or Lockheed however there are plenty of other companies that do want people without degrees if you have the experience. So work on certifications (a lot of other companies that are much cheaper for training and access to all the lab stuff or a 2 year school but only take the applicable courses) truly learn the material augment that learning with the certifications. Apply for those entry level positions showing those legit certifications recognized by Microsoft, Cisco, oracle etc… and when someone calls you in for an interview thinking he is going to “tear you apart” blow him away with your knowledge.

    Another great option; join the military get a security clearance and that coupled with certifications is worth way more than 60k a year.

    Gus once you finish could you give us update – not only yours but any of your classmates as well. Has anyone had any input regarding a certification they have from pc pro schools from the highering manager or interviewer. Also were the bottom line costs – since they get payed on commission anyone haggled with those guys and got it cheaper than initially offered.

    See link below has a few previous students as well as an employee from pc pro school with more negative information.


  12. ARF-PCPS-Student

    I am a current student of PC Pro Schools, I was scared as hell when I signed the papers, I even accused my director of pressuring me to make a quick decision with a one time only price (which after research was in fact a one time only price, everyone else in my Track paid full price, except the 2 (of 5) of us who were there that one particular day, we paid about 10k less than everyone else from what I asked.

    Back to the school. No one ever promised a 60k year job, in fact during orientation they stressed the fact that that isn’t starting, and the truth is, after 2-3 years IF you work hard and sell yourself you will in fact be making about that much money. You wont succeed because you have the certifications. You have to sell yourself to the company you work for.

    I have no college degree and since I was 20 years old, I had an office job making 45k a year. I am now at about 50k but the economy forced me to take a cut, and i might be losing my job by june, which is why I made this decision. The career center is already working with getting me an internship at a local Medical complex, I had an interview and I was told they aren’t looking anymore, they just have to wait for who ever I’m replacing to retire as they were told he’d be retiring soon. PC Pro threw me the bone, but it was me who sold myself to the company (I am a great interviewer) The only people I see rip on PC Pro are the same slackers in my class who don’t do their work, and complain about things, then when they graduate and don’t get a job, instead of blaming themselves, they jump to blame PC Pro Schools. PcPro is not a scam, I was not paid to write this, I am writing this as a person who was very reluctant to enroll because of the cost, but comparing it to all the other similar programs in the area, it was a good price.

    Sure, I could have gotten the books studied my butt off, and gotten these certifications, BUT I would not have gotten the one on one instruction I’m getting, and during my interview my possible boss mentioned that he likes PC Pro Graduates because they get real world hands on experience as opposed to places like Tech Skills,(Tech Skills has a great Nursing program but their tech program lacks IMHO) or those who just memorize the book and pass the test for certs.

  13. Techie

    I have to agree with ARF-PCPS on this one. The cost was off putting, but once I decided to do this, I went to every single class. Seems to me that is where the people who complain run into trouble. I know this since my ‘lab partner’ was one of the ones who skipped class almost constantly, starting halfway through our track. Fine by me, I got more hands on experience that way. It also made things a bit more challenging if I got stuck, but Google was a great help for that. That being said, it took me seven months after graduation to land a job, and of the interviews I did get, not one of them was due to the career services department. Don’t want to bash them, as my overall experience was positive, but any interview I got I managed to land on my own. Having previous experience at a former job with basic desktop support may have helped, though. It was a hard search, constantly interviewing (2 or 3 a week), only to be told that I was ok, but someone else was just a little bit more experienced. I now have a job I love, and one more exam to finish the MCSA. I would rather fail and then really learn what I missed on the material the first time to earn my cert honestly than cheat and breeze through. An employee who cannot perform is of no use to a company, and I am interested in keeping said job. So far, my boss has been very pleased.

  14. Ray

    From what I have realized in my past 8 yrs doing IT is that you really should have a combination of all 3…a degree (either 2 or 4 yr), certifications and experience. To me, having a degree shows a potential employer that you are at least committed to finishing something you started. Getting certified in the field (IT, Auto, Engineering, etc) shows the employer that you decided to “see what you actually know on the subject at hand” and the experience is priceless. I think no employer will turn you down if you have all 3. But most will hire you with just having any of the 3 if you know how to BS your way through the resume process and interview process (not recommended).

  15. Bob

    I went to PC Pro school and they did not do exactly what they stated they would. They told me that they would help me find a good paying job in my area and it has been 2 yrs now and no job! I am now still stuck in the line of work, construction with being laid off now and then with having to pay off a $29,000 loan. I thought it would have been the best thing for me to do for my family of 6 but it has only made it harder for our family! Not only do I not have a job in the field I have to pay out an extra $333 each month on top of everything else. BEWARE!

  16. lynn

    Please, think before you sign on the dotted line. My son had one low paying job since he graduated in 2008 and is now at the unemployment office. Going to PC Pro is a waste of money…go to a collge or Tech. school.

  17. RecentGrad

    I COMPLETELY agree with Bob, and Lynn. DO NOT GO HERE! I graduate in June of ’08 and I am still in my same job as before. The only difference is that I have to pay that insanely priced tuition, 25k.

    No. I am not a bad student. I attended EVERY class, came in early to make up what I missed, (I had to leave early because I work 3rd shift and had to leave for work). I did graduate with the requirements.


  18. Matti

    I agree.

    I went to the orientation twice. The first time, after seeing the steep price, I took off. The second time I was almost positive that I was going to sign. I’m sure glad that I didn’t.

    My advice to you is, if you’re contemplating taking the program, do some research. I found many cheaper alternatives.

    I’m now enrolled in a couple certification programs at a local technical college. In one years time, I’ll be A+, Network+, Server+, Security+, MCTS and MCITP (Server 2008s equivalent to 2003s MCSA) certified. All for a total of about 3k, opposed to the 30k I almost spent. 6 useful certifications for a tenth of the price.

    Check with local schools. Google is your friend. Listen to that voice in the back of your head.

  19. 11th Hour Cold Feet

    I’m considering going, and I didn’t look before but for some reason here I am looking at all the comments I can find the night before I go sign some papers.

    My tuition is going to be $8k as opposed to the 29k… so after reading a lot of the comments, I’m thinking that for what I can get, it might not be too bad.

    I’ve read people bashing PCPS and places like ITT Tech – and then people bashing college programs.

    Everyone has things to say that we should all pay attention to.

    Yes, no matter WHERE you go, you are not going to make it with a poor attitude. Papers… whether they are from a college OR a cert school, are not going to get you the “job of your dreams”. Your success at this industry… at ANY industry is based on four separate things:

    First – what you know, and how you can prove you are the real deal and know what you’re talking about when it comes to that job.

    Second – what experience you have in the job field or even related to what it is you want to do. Have you been flipping burgers for seven years and suddenly you have papers saying you can work magic on server stations? Or do you have papers and some hands on time to show your stuff?

    Third – You can be the greatest techie since that little pimply faced kid with glasses “invented” DOS and Windows 3.11. But if your people skills suck and you can’t interview your way out of a glass building, you are going to be stuck doing something you don’t like.

    Fourth – The one thing you can’t control… @$$hats who like to waste your time in interviews “just to tear you down” because they have some kind of imagined mad-on or their girlfriend doesn’t love them anymore or some other screw is loose and you got the first three things covered in gold silk threads and they still don’t want to hire you because your left eye looks funny or because you don’t tell them how good that shirt they have on looks or something else they want to hear.

    I have a few more pages of “complaints” to read, but after reading a lot of this… I think I’m still interested.

    Yes, I agree, some of the equipment/software they use seems dated – But I remember when XP came out and there were companies still using Windows 95 and you’d have to pry it out of their cold dead hands before they’d give it up. It took me a year of waiting for XP bugs to be worked out before I’d switch from using Win98 – But I dived right into Vista and I love it.

    I remember going to MATC in ’98, and the machines, software and other tech they had was dated compared not only to what I was using in the field, but to what I was using at home, as well.

    11 years ago, the computer I would work on in a workstation at MATC, now fits into my friggin’ cell phone. (not literally of course, but the cell phone comp is roughly the same as the old 486’s I used to work on.)

    I remember using VAX computers in 7th grade (lord help me back in ’81 or so) and the reson I mention this is that the tech has changed SOOOO fast in such a short amount of time – I doubt any institution is going to ever be able to stay “cutting edge”. But YOU can remain cutting edge if you use whichever education you choose as a stepping board, and keep up with the advances in tech yourself.

    Thank you ALL for your opinions… both GOOD AND BAD. I really appreciated reading through all of the input.

  20. Bob Jones

    I have great people skills, a great personality and I can get along with anybody. I don’t think I can’t get an IT job because of a “poor attitude”. Truth is, PCPro tells you NOT to have personality. They tell you no HR rep gives a r*ts*ss about you, your family, your kids, your hobbies, what you care about or what you think, so keep it to yourself.
    The fact of the matter is, anyone can pass a test, computer issues are not multiple choice and PCPro pumps out about 50 more “professionals” every couple months. The wonderlich they gave me puts my IQ at 120, I tested 100% on my certs to be the only one in my class to get the mcsa BEFORE graduation, and I’ve been working with computers since they became desktops. But on paper, I’m just another hump who went out and got a cert who can’t even get in for an interview because there’s 500 others with the same amount of ‘talent’. My only work since finishing has been one temp job where some of my coworkers were using dead time to study for certs because their one year deadline to pass was almost up. I had to laugh. How does someone stand out from the others? They don’t. Hiring managers know they may find a gem in the pile, but they’re not gonna risk their jobs on it. They all want experience, not paper. Just like anyone else.

  21. Bob Jones

    HaHaHa!!! Now they’re running ads saying they have more job orders than they have qualified candidates. While that may technically be true (taking a call from someone who says ‘do you have anyone in your school with 5 years SQL administration experience?’ may constitute a job order), it’s funny the ad fails to mention that completeing their classes doesn’t make you a qualified candidate for all these orders they can’t fill. Advertising at its finest, a half truth is far better than no truth or the whole truth.

  22. PC Pro Schools

    Seems there are people out there who just fail at things and then look to blame their failures on someone else or something else, in this case that other person being PC Pro

  23. Recent Student

    I recently completed their course, finishing my studies to complete exams for MCSA. This is not a boot camp type course that crams the answers down your throat to pass the exam; you do get hands on and practice.
    Here is what you really get:
    Go to class and instructor goes through homework quizzes on overhead, sometimes going into detail on the why answers are correct or not. Then a lab is handed out to go through. The problem with the labs is you don’t know if what you’ve done is right or not. You get to a point where you think its right but without having the instructor review it you don’t know – so forget home study of the lab. They need to better define the labs so you can self check to see if you’ve properly completed the assignment. I also was very annoyed at when their phone rings they go running out of class to answer it & you sit there waiting until they return.
    I was sold on their claim of more job orders to fill than students, but these are $9 – 11/hr part time or contract jobs that sometimes may lead to a position. I went to one interview and the person didn’t even interview me, took one look at my resume and told me I was over qualified. What my wife & I were told, was that with my background I should be able to find a position paying over $40k/yr and grow from there – haven’t seen those types of opportunities. In fact when I inquired with job placement I was told that the job market is saturated. They pushed me towards a 1099 position or non-pay internship & then wanted me to sign a form saying that they had completed their requirements. There are people who will say they got a great job after attending PC Proschools, I’m sure they exist, I’m just not sure they are as honest about the quantity and location of those positions or the percentage of those higher paying opportunities to the bulk of their real positions.
    I’m not saying they are a scam, but I definitely don’t feel like they met their sales pitch to get me to sign up. My recommendation is save the 9 – 12K, go to Amazon.com and buy the Microsoft Course books (same as school provides), read them, practice the material and Google your questions – that’s what they tell you to do in class.
    Positives I will say about them is the 1 day a week you have online videos to watch, most of those were helpful and informative, just not sure if they are worth the cost of the class. You get access to all Microsoft Operating systems to download for free, no Office s/w. When you need to work on two servers, it’s nice to have the lab environment to do this instead of at home.
    If you are someone who is making less than $10/hr, doesn’t know much about computers and needs a weekly schedule to make you do the work – might be worth it. If you’re accustomed to making more than $15/hr and have some self discipline, save your money, buy the books, define your schedule and stick with it. You’ll be happy you did with more money in your pocket.
    Bottom line – they are a for profit school built on selling people on taking and paying for the course and seem to over promise and under deliver.

  24. Bob Jones

    Hey PC Pro Schools,

    You crack me up. Personally, I don’t consider $9/hr to be success. Maybe that’s pretty kickass compared to living in your parents basement with your paper route, but it aint for all of us looking to support more than just ourselves.
    My only “failure” when it comes to this school was believing their claims that I would get a decent job. They got me, I fell for it and I admit it.
    Every interview I’ve had I’ve gotten the same questions. “Do you have experience with this?” No. “Do you have experience with that?” No. Have you ever administered a network server before?” No. “mmm, K, thanks for stopping by.” This school does not provide on the job experience, which is what every employer wants. Hell, I’ve seen entry level help desk posts that want 3-5 years experience.
    I had no problem with what I learned or how it was taught. I blew through with no problems, no fails, no retakes. 100% pass. It’s the placement results that are nonexistant. And thats how they sell the school. That you will get a decent job. I’ve provided my transcripts to interviewers showing how I cruised thru PCPro. They’re not impressed.

  25. PC ProSchools

    Mr. Jones,

    First off we have never had a student by the name of Bob Jones so I assume you are operating under an alias.

    I’ll respond in kind Mr. Jones.

    First all PC ProSchool campuses have full accreditation status by ACCET, a national accreditor recognized by the US Dept. of Education. Accreditation means that a school has gone through a 2 year process of self evaluation in which it has to meet standards for industry relavant curriculum, teaching methods, admissions standards, advertising, career placement, etc.. Then the accreditating body sends a TEAM to the school for a week and they audit the results. They actually call the students on their jobs and talk to the employers to very the results. This process is repeated every 2 -3 years to maintain status.

    Next, no school provides job experience while teaching a class. Are you practicing law while going to law school? People signing up for a 6 month course are coming for classroom and online training.

    Some schools offer internships, however, they are usually in 2 year or 4 year programs and many are unpaid or very low paid. It’s true that some ( about 20%) of our students accept jobs that pay $10-12 a hour – but that’s not their end destination, but rather they take it to gain the experience you talk about. And like most internships they take it for anywherefrom 1-9 months – but they’re getting paid before they move on. So since you are focused on experience think of taking a lower paying job as your entry into the field. If the readers here think about that name a field that you start out on top…not any that come to mind right away.

    And that gets me to your advertising claims. In addition to being an accredited school each school is also licensed and monitored by the State in which it resides so our ads are constantly monitored by 2 regulating and licensing bodies. With that said I would like you to point to ANY advertisement by PC ProSchools that states you will earn a certain dollar amount by attending our training and school. I’d be anxious to know as would be the readers Mr. Jones, so please tell me. Our informational seminars do report the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, Salary.com survey stats and local State stats as to what average wages are in the field based on what you originally focused your statements on – “EXPERIENCE” PC ProSchools also shares with our students a new transparency booklet that has our last 2 years of placement stats and wages.

    The average fulltime PC ProSchool grad started at approx. $30,700 with a low of $21000 and a high of $55000 with 81% of grads starting at $25,000 or more ($12.02)- and that’s not data of 10 people but over 450 and Mr. Jones I’d be happy to share the specifics with you and to future students just ask for a copy. The book details percentages of men, women, married or single, homeowners or renters, indutries percentages we placed in and wage breakdowns for placements.

    Mr. Jones we don’t hide anything or dupe people. Every student enrolling at PC ProSchools signs 3 quality assurance forms. One during their initial visit, one when they return for their tour and one when they enroll. Each form has a question that you the prospective student answers and initials asking have you been promised a job ( because by law no school can promise employment) and have you been promised a specific income after your classes and then the prospective student must sign the form. So Mr. Jones you signed all of those forms so I don’t understand where you got the idea of 60k or more than “x” as we don’t promise – the only thing we are legally able to do is report our past and audited stats -that’s it and that’s what any school can report.

    For those of you wondering all PC ProSchools admissions counselors are fulltime and on salary only- they receive ZERO incentive pay for anything- whether you are accepted or choose to or not to enroll they get paid the same. And that goes for our ENTIRE STAFF.

    Lastly, Mr. Jones it’s been my experience that those that are on the Internet in blogs like this and are truly former students that haven’t found adequate employment fall into 2 categories. The first is they didn’t meet graduation requirements(like in any school- you know, grades, tests,homework and attendance which are your standard student measurements) and the second category is they did not complete all of their certifications which makes them difficult to place. Many on this board and others achieved zero or 1 or 2 certs. Mr. Jones if you finished the program that begs a question- does that just mean you attended or does that mean you attended and achieved ALL of the Program Certifications? Looking in my database I don’t really see many MCSA’s not placed.

    And yes it’s very true Mr. Jones that we do have more job orders for what we teach than we have fully certified grads.

    Mr. Jones I’d be happy to help you. If that means helping you get your remaining certs, going through a techniocal prep interview, or whatever… to help you get the job that you’re qualified for. So Mr. Jones since your post is recent let me help you and let’s post the results of what we discover about current your situation and how it ends up now that you have our ear. Please call our Brookfield office Mr. Jones and ask for Mr. Smith (really) and let’s get working on getting what you paid for…if that’s what you really want.

    PC ProSchools

  26. PC ProSchools

    To March 10, 2010 post -from ” Recent Student”-

    first know that we’re more than willing to help you find a job.

    But first I have a question for you “Recent Student”
    do you have all of the Program certifications or do you have just one or two and think that attending all the classes alone qualifies you for a position?

    Second, question for you Recent Student – tell me what ad promised you a position. Next tell me you didn’t sign the quality assurance form 3 times that specifically states that no employee of PC ProSchools promised you a job after training or a specific income. I can assure you that you did and I can report to your audience here that no student is admitted to theschool without verifying that no promises or suggestions were made. If you want to refute that Recent Student – tell this blog your name and we’ll pull your file and post on the Internet your signed quality assurance forms – my point is we don’t over promise – in fact we under promise when discussing that we help you get an entry level job and we show you facts that with 3, 5 and more years experience what the industyr pays for this job as verified by the United States Bureau of Labor stats-

    And since everyone here on this site is Google savy – google the BLS and look up computer support specialist and network administrator and see the hourly wages – low, median and high – that folks is doing your research. Then Google salary.com and go through the same exercise. You will find very decent paying jobs with some experience -not much – just a couple of years.

    So if preparing you and training you to get into an industry is wrong don’t enroll. But isn’t that the basis of any school. They train you for a career- “Recent Grad” what do you say about the countless articles in the media of grads that are just graduating this year from 4 year schools who can’t find work? Did those schools dupe them or mislead them? I say no- they provided the education they enrolled for. Paying your money people doesn’t entitle you to a job. You need to know something first that other people are willing to pay for. For all we know Recent Grad doesn’t get along with people, and only thinks they should work for 80k or some number and wants a job that is no farther than 3 miles from their house. My point is we don’t have any info about Recent Grad but we trust them to make a blanket statement about an education we think they received and we don’t know to what extent they tried to leverage that education in being hired. And that’s if we concur they were a good student, comprehended the material and achieved all the certifications that made them a true completer of the program. I’m not saying Recent Grad is not any of these things, but what I am saying is all we have as EVIDENCE is some words bhind an alias that may or may not be true.

    And please don’t tell me that the salaried admissions rep that makes 30k wanted to make their quota because that just doesn’t exisit. And don’t tell us that on the side they promised you more because you’re so qualified.

    With all that aside Recent Grad let’s together post on this blog all of your over qualifications and certifications obtained at PC Pro. And know that we’re genuinely willing to admit if we messed up and want tomake amends to get you the position you deserve. This month we placed over 30 students at $15.00 + so if you’re qualified and were somehow mistreated or forgotten please let us help you. Call the Brookfield office and ask for Mr. Smith. If I’m not available please leave me a message and I will be certain to get back to you.


    PC ProSchools

    PS- Readers please forgive my mispellings etc as I wrote these responses over my Blackberry without the aid of spell check –

  27. Bob Jones

    PC ProSchools,

    Your response to my post clearly demonstrates that you either failed to read or failed to comprehend mine. And if you are indeed a representative of PCPro, it makes this unprofessional statement even more unnerving.

    “Seems there are people out there who just fail at things and then look to blame their failures on someone else or something else, in this case that other person being PC Pro.”

    I will say for a fact that PCPro does claim that they place people and that they help students look for work. Yet you invite ME to contact YOU to get results. Didn’t I pay a buttload of cash for this very reason? You are already sposed to be working for me. Why should I have to ask?? As an MCSA, I should be pushed as a capable candidate by YOU for all these positions you can’t fill. I should be interviewing out the wazoo if this is true. I have never been directed anywhere by PCPro. ZERO. How can I stress that to you? Its in your best interests to place me as a student success.

    I had interviewed with one temp service that I spoke to at the job fair a while back and that is the closest I’ve come to job assistance from PCPro, other than being on the mass email list of week old job board “leads”. Individual attention to capable students does not exist.

    All the PCPro radio ads say, “Come to our school, we don’t promise you anything” so I can’t imagine where students get the idea attending will help them. But when you have a sack full of legal disclaimers to back away from results its easy to claim that all success is the school, all failure is the student.

    This is the only debate I will have with you. We are both well aware that you have legal experts to make sure you don’t say anything that you need to back up. It holds up in court, thats you’re only concern.

  28. RecentGrad

    PC Pro,

    In 2008, I attended the Green Bay campus. To prove it, James K was the lead instructor, and Brian L was the assistant.

    I completely agree with Bob Jones about the placement issue. I did receive an offer to install AT&T u-verse, for $11.00/hr. Which I had to turn down. Due to the fact that it was 1.5 hrs form home, and not practical to commute for such a small amount of money. Not to mention, it’s not really IT related.

    I did have 2 interviews. Both of which I got on my own. One of the jobs, your recruiter at the Brookfield location, gave the lead to someone else form that campus, and he ended up getting the job.

    As far as you questioning my education: BEFORE I attended PC Pro, I had BOTH my A+, and my NETWORK+ certificate. While at PC Pro, I obtained my MCP, as well as my MCDST. I did NOT obtain the MCSA ( I took the 290 test 4x, and failed them all). I am now currently in pursuit of an Associates degree at a local tech. college.

    I would be HAPPY to speak with you, PC Pro, about getting a job. I spent too much money, to only get a years worth of services, and very few job leads my way.

  29. RecentGrad

    I did get extra help with my weak areas on the 290 exam, as well. James was AWESOME about giving extra help, when necessary.

    I am not a lazy, dumb person.I worked 3rd shift full time, while attending pcpro.
    I just had a hard time with the MCSA material. I thought that if I could land a job within a few months of graduating, it never happened, I could get some experience, and maybe get a better handle on the MCSA material.

    Overall, I feel that the education end of things is fairly sound, in my opinion, I don’t think enough time was spent on the MCSA part of the course.

    And, like Bob says, the job placement just isn’t there. Anyone can find jobs on monster, Milwaukee jobs, career builder, and copy/paste them into an email, and send it out. I was led to believe that the school had these inside leads to jobs, which the majority of people weren’t privileged to.

  30. RecentGrad

    If you wish to contact me, pcpro, my email is free_rider29@yahoo.com.
    If I hear form you, I will than give you my pcpro email address. I just don’t want to give it out in a blog. I’m sure you can understand.

  31. Bob Jones

    Now be fair RG, he’s probably a busy guy. 100 hours of temp work at $15 an hour doesn’t become a student statistic of “placed by PC Pro for $30,000/yr” all on its own ya know… somebody’s gotta do it.

    Oh, and just for the record, no, I was never stupid enough to think I would be guaranteed anything. I did not expect to start at the top, but it was sold to me by the school, and I was indeed stupid enough to believe, that attending would give me an advantage above starting at the bottom.

    I excelled at that school with enthusiam and pride, thinking I would be at the top of the desirable grads list for all those unfilled jobs. I figured even if there was only one open job, I’d be a preferred candidate and have a shot. My hard work made no difference to anyone other than me.

    Sign em up, collect the fees, move em out, NEXT!

  32. RecentGrad

    Yeah, I know BJ. I just though there might be a SLIM chance at a job form these “placement” people.

    Like you, I had extremely high hopes coming out of this school. I was told, when I signed up, that (this is a DIRECT quote from the recruiter) “worst case scenario I would be making a lateral move in terms of salary.” I was making $16.50/hr at the time. Only to find out that wasn’t true, either.

    I was an excellent student. I NEVER missed a class, even when it was snowing like crazy, I STILL made the 75 mile drive to Green Bay. I went in for extra help, too.

    BJ, if you would like to talk, you have my email addy.

  33. Bob Jones

    I got nothing left to say RG. I threw my dice on PCPro’s table and when I walked out my pockets were empty and the house was counting my money.

    The school had zero effect and zero help on getting me a job. When I lose my home, the four of us won’t even be able to afford to rent. I don’t know where we will go. Thats what gets me the most. They say the school helps people. Maybe in the rare “success story” they publish every few months it does, but it didn’t help me. And I know I’m not alone.

  34. RecentGrad

    Man, I’m sorry to hear that, BJ.
    I think the should publish more than just the success stories from this place. Why not publish ALL stories, if they truly have nothing to hide?

  35. RecentGrad

    I still haven’t heard from this so-called rep. of pcpro schools, either. Not that I ever expected to. It’s just another one of their false claims.

  36. Bob Jones

    Who knows. He may not even work there anymore because he said something specific. Results based on “over 450 students”. Their transparency report says they accepted 941 into the school. Less than half. Wonder what the other half has to say?

  37. Bob Jones

    Was told last week that I wasn’t considered for a job because they wanted someone who’s training was more current. One year out, haven’t got a job yet and someone tells me I’m outdated. Two OS’s, one server and several MS offices behind. Are they still teaching 2003 and XP?

  38. RecentGrad

    I don’t know if they are teaching ’03 and XP. I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if they were….

    $24,500 and nothing to show for it. Man, I gotta get in on a racket like that. LOL.

  39. Bob Jones

    Back to the point of this board. If anyone is still wondering if they should go to pcpro, you’ve seen people like me say its not what they claim it is. If you don’t believe us, here’s one straight from the horse.

    On their blog which they call The Click, they post this:

    “Another Article About PC Pro in Indianapolis Newspaper”

    They posted a pdf proof of an advertisement they paid for to run in the newspaper. Not an article at all. They have done this several times in the past.

    This is what you can expect from pcpro. I’m amazed that they post these things and believe nobody knows the difference.

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  48. Bob Jones

    Mums? Who hijacked the thread?

    almost 18 months since I graduated. Still no job. Read on “the click” that they got all these people good jobs, good pay, placed an entire class. I emailed and said I was still looking, what have you got? They sent me a list of temp agencies. SSDD.

  49. Staff

    Its funny because I AM a lazy person and before I went through the course I was very skeptical.. Im a money saver and working outside in construction at 9.50 an hour wasnt cutting it for me. So you can imagine that after working for a year in the bitter cold and hot summers that I wouldnt just want to blow my money correct? well, i went to the orientation, signed up (most nervous ive been) and went to the classes.. I fell behind right away and made some mistakes, but in the end I watched the majority of videos, did the homework/quizes, and so far got my two certifications.. If i could do this while partying every night with my friends, so can you.. I do agree with some of the negative feedback about the job placement, but I cant complain since I myself was hired within 2 weeks of graduating… Im at about 12.50 an hour, not the greatest but with experience comes better pay!!! I have half the study attitude most good students do, so if your a better student than me, go for it, and if your just like me, still go for it! Im happy is all I can say

  50. Staff2

    Oh and by the way, of course this is a good topic/blog.. Because half the people talk good about PCPRO and half talk bad, so its a never ending argument.. Truth is, if you attend, the workload is mostly on you, but if you have the initiative and drive to actually read and learn this stuff, i dont see why anyone couldnt have a successful job in the IT industry.. REMEMBER- I have TWO certs and I already got a nice job with benefits, just imagine if someone tried harder than me and got their 4 or 5 certs before graduating… Heck, some people start off alot higher as well, ive seen the actual placements of students starting at 40,000 a year.. not bad if u ask me

  51. Bob Jones

    After 20 months since I blew thru PCPro like it was nothing and “graduated” with everything they had to offer, a recruiter finally told me what I already knew. The chances of my getting an IT job are slim to none. The Half that say they are doing well either have low opinions of “well” or were already in a position where the certs helped, but weren’t the main reason.

    If you have customer service experience, if you have call center experience, if you can afford A+ and Cisco certs to boost your worth, fine.

    The ads say “no previous computer experience required”. I say bull. No experience no jobs. period.

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  53. Jerry Thomas

    first of all pc pro is good,so fu*ck off, i will make llots of fu*ckin money ok,i liked the jobs opprotunities the gave me,all of you bashing are just haters,i will make 80k when i get done!!!

  54. Bob Jones

    hahaha I dint think i’d make that much but i thought i’d make something. i had that kind of optimism until i graduated too. why yes, I am a hater. a hater of being lied to and ripped off.

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