People don’t want honesty

honesty.jpgThis is gonna be a rant, so if you don’t want to hear me bitch, do not read this post. The noob is stressed cause of the wedding. I don’t understand why it has to be so stressful. If i knew it was going to be like this, i think i would have done the whole thing at Las Vegas.

Being the groom, i have to be the middleman. I have to take it upon myself to please my side of the family, and my future wife’s side. I have to make sure that my mother’s pride is not hurt, and at the same time, help my bride out with the wedding preps. It’s a difficult balance. I don’t think i’m very good at it. I figured out why.

I suck at being the middleman cause im a blunt person. I don’t like to bullshit, so i say what’s on my mind. I don’t like to dance around the issue, so some of my statements and suggestions seem a bit too forward. I’ve been noticing that people do not like this style. People want to hear info or news that is sugar coated.

I think if you want to make your blog popular, you have to include a lot of fluff. If you are too honest with your blogging experiences, your readers might get turned off. They don’t want to hear about how most blogs are useless. They don’t want to hear the ugly truth. The truth about making money online is this. You won’t get rich off it. It’d probably be a better investment to buy a get rich quick scheme.

Blogging about blogging is played out. The inside scoop about making money online is this…there is no inside scoop. There isn’t a trick or system that will help you make money online. You won’t make money off of reverse funnel system or by telling people how much money you make.

If you enjoy writing, and if you enjoy making a few bucks, then you could start a make money blog. It won’t be easy tho. I could make around 30 dollars a day with this blog. I can do this cause i’ve invested a lot of time and energy into this blog for the past several months. I consider my blogging income to be pretty large when compared to other make money bloggers. There are bloggers that spend more then they make. This is stupid cause the blogging fad will die out. Don’t know when that will happen, but something new will come along that will make it more difficult to make money online by blogging.

You should get into this blogging game, if you enjoy writing. If you are creative and if you’re a natural story teller, you should be able to get a good blog going. But if money is your only motivation, you will most likely be disappointed. Expect to only make 5 dollars a day. If that won’t make you happy, you really don’t want to get into this game.

I’m ranting about honesty cause i had to go to church today. My parents are religious freaks. I grew up being scared of rapture and thinking that drugs and alcohol were the worst of sins. After i entered college, i started reading other books and thinking more for myself. I realized that institutionalized religion is not for me. At church, i saw a lot of hypocracy. I saw people with two faces.

This lack of honesty is seen everywhere. You go to a business meeting, and you have to present your project, company, or product to be better then it actually is. You have to fluff the product. You have to exclude the negative things associated with that product. If you sell vacum cleaners, and you know the vacum is made of cheap pastic and it breaks down after a year…you can’t be honest about this if you want to actually sell this product. You have to fluff it with terms like “space age polymers.”

My blog will never become a superblog. Even if i spend thousands of dollars in marketing and suck up to chow and ron jeremy, my blog will see a sharp rise but will not make much money. It’s cause of my writing style. I’m too honest for my own good.

I have a few other make money blogs. I set them up a few weeks after i launched bloggernoob. I did it cause i wanted income from multiple blogs. Bloggernoob is my baby. I try to be honest with myself in my posts. But on my other make money blogs, i am not as honest. I lie and recycle older johnchow and shoemoney posts. I make money with those blogs. Not as much as bloggernoob, but i can see that if i put more energy into those fake blogs, i could make more money from them. Those blogs have potential to become the next johncow. This is possible with those blogs cause im not so honest on those blogs. I kiss ass and i lie about my income. Those blogs are similar to johnchow dot com.

I also have a pet lover blog. That blog was gaining in popularity. It was getting bloggernoob type traffic. Like 500 daily hits. But i wrote a few raw posts last week. I wrote about topics that were a bit taboo. Those posts were honest. They were meant to create dialog with my readers. But they didn’t like it. They only wanted to see cute doggy pictures. They just wanted sugar canes and lollipops.

I guess it to do with writing appropriate posts. If you change the tone of your blog, you’ll see a drop in traffic. If your readers are used to a certain kind of posts, you better keep that going. Change is something that people don’t seem to like. Being too straight forward could hurt your blog. If you want to popularized your blog, try not be be so honest. People don’t want honesty. They want things to be like disneyland. They want the ugly to be hidden. They want positive energy in the form of lies, not negative truth.

11 thoughts on “People don’t want honesty

  1. witchypoo

    Weddings are most always stressful. The real feat comes in open communication and negotiation once the wedding is over, and the marriage part is in play.

  2. Ben Barden

    I had to laugh at “Bloggernoob is my baby” as it’s such an appropriate comment! 😀

    When I got married 3 years ago, we took the Las Vegas route. My family is in the UK and my wife’s family is in Australia. It just made sense to do our own thing. We didn’t feel right choosing one country or the other and asking one entire family to travel that far. So we chose the US instead and didn’t tell anyone until we got back!! Initially they were all a bit shocked, but it was a pretty logical move even if it was a bit sudden. :)

    Hope it all goes well noob. It’ll probably be over before you know it. Life has a knack for moving quickly like that.

  3. 2ThePoint

    Noob, marriage preps are stressful. Just try and focus on the reason why you’re getting married, ok?

    As for blogging and honesty, at the end of the day, you’ve got to do what is best for YOU first and foremost. What feels right for you.

    take care…

  4. Rhea Calma

    For chrissake, it only happens once in your life unless you become another Trump. As far as your guerrilla approach to making money blogs, don’t ever change it. It’s working and you’ve got some herds following you. Meantime, live with your in-laws. Follow the rules and read the fine print, then get your way after. Congratulations!

  5. Luke

    I think there’s a difference between a *generally* positive attitude and a dishonestly positive attitude, which is what the saccharin-sweet Disneyland approach is. There are negatives in life. They do exist. But you don’t have to dwell on them and make them bigger if you don’t want to. Focusing on positives is a good way to get more of them. At least that’s my theory. I’m still working on it. 😉 But yeah, smile and you’ll get smiled at more often than if you frown. You reap what you sow, after all, right?

    Anyway, when I *do* criticize, I want it to cut with surgical precision, not spray like a machine gun. Thus most of the time I try and dwell on the positives. NOT hide my real opinion, but make sure I am seeing the bright side whenever possible.

  6. Tommy

    Yo Noob. Never Change Bro! I can count on one hand how many “make money blogs” I subscribe to. Yours has always been different, edgy and flat straight up. And your right, there really is little place in the business and marketing field for honesty (as a guy in the real estate business I know YOU know that). I can get behind Luke’s differentiation too, because “tone” does shine through almost as much as content….even when blogging. You’ve kept the keel pretty “even” all in all so the occasional rant is not only ok, but probably expected. Even the business types can’t be shiny, happy 24/7. Good luck with the nups and think seriously about chronicling those as well….Also as a business type I suspect you too can see $$ signs in just about everything. I know I do! LOL…PEACE bro!


  7. ElleB

    I stuck a reference of an actor’s performance to using a vibrator and thought I was being risque and waiting for the calls… or emails.. or anything. Since then I’ve decided to just do it (the blog, not the vibrator) for me. Of course I would love to be “discovered” as most of us do, but if it happens, it will be for my vibrator jokes! Hang in there!

  8. B Carter

    Don’t ever change Noob, at some point people will realize that the news they are being spoon-fed is sugar-coated and they will want the raw and natural version instead. That’s when they’ll turn to you.

  9. Lori

    You know, it’s okay for the groom to want something on his wedding day, too. Too often the focus becomes the bride and all she wants. Noob, you’re perfectly within your rights to say no to something. I’m all for bluntness because it’s much better to know what someone thinks than to guess at it. Go for it, dude.

  10. the noob Post author

    kingkong- honesty honesty honesty. that’s my maxim. but people want lies lies lies.

    witchypoo- yes they are. im so drained. i wish i still felt comfort from sucking my thumb. i wish i could go back to a simpler time. when candy made me completely happy. or when mommy always made me feel protected and special. now, my mother is one of my biggest stresses.

    benbarden- haha. i hadn’t even noticed until you pointed it out. i wish i took the vegas route. weddings are a delicate affair. i will be glad when it’s over. im going to vegas for my bachlor party, so that should release some of my stress. thanks ben for the comment

    2thepoint- yup yup and yup. can’t wait until im done. but then, having kids will be stressful too. :) life is a long series of stressful moments with brief encounters of joy, peace, and bliss. most of it is mundane and draining tho.

    rhea- thank gawd! i don’t think i could go thru another wedding.

    luke- i like your postive attitude. it’s hard to be positive most of the time, but i get what your saying. :)

    tommy- thanks bro. i get self concious tho, i feel like im repeating myself over and over again. i guess that’s natural. everything in life is about the same old shit. everytime i’m in a new group setting, i tell the same old jokes. my pastor preaches the same old messages, and my future wife nags about the same old stuff.

    elleb- u should have to just do the vibrator, would have made for an interesting comment. haha. i joke. :)

    bcarter- awww…thanks b! u really know how to make a noob feel special. let’s keep this on the down low tho…people might misinterpet this ass arse kissing. 😉

    lori- OMG. i pust let you have a talk with my future wife, my mother, and my mother in law. you are spitting out some knowledge here. :)

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