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clone.jpgMost people in the blogosphere lack creativity. They don’t want to think outside the box. They are incapable of thinking outside the box. That’s why there are so many johnchow clones on the internet. In the beginning i was guilty of it too. I didn’t know how to start so i tried to incorporate the style and tone of a few bloggers i liked. But, i didn’t get any visits until i started finding my own voice. After you start though, you better find your own style or your blog won’t make shit. It your blog is the same as johnchowclone dot com, why would i read your blog? That’s why i visit johnchow dot com when i have time. I figure if i read half of his first post, I’ve read a thousand other blogs already. Like killing a thousand and one birds with half a stone.

If you want to be a follower, don’t expect on making any money with your blog. Quit now and save yourself the 10 dollars a month in hosting.(i’m only talking about make money blogs)

I think for beginners, it’s hard to find a voice, cause noobies lack confidence. Since they don’t know how to attract visitors or make money with their blogs, they try to emulate big time bloggers. I want to tell you guys, that it’s ok to be you. Because blogging involves writing, some of you may be intimated by it. Don’t be, cause blogging is the most casual and candid form of writing. Just imagine you are talking to your friend. Just pretend that you are writing a buddy or homegirl an email. That’s probably the best advice i can give as far as finding your style.

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7 thoughts on “People love to follow

  1. ryan

    Thank God for this article! I am tired of so many people saying that John Chow is their idol! It is nice that you read his blog, but trying to replicate it will NEVER do you any good. You have to make yourself be, well You! The more unique and different you are, the more you will stand out and the better blog you will be!

  2. Justin Dupre

    Completely effing agree. Why do I feel like I was just about to write this. I think my “making money blog” is turning into a more of a “how to write” blog cause I see all these people writing like they are forcing themselves to do it, or write like they are someone else. john chow john shmo…

  3. Bill

    I agree with your sentiment but calling John Chow a shmo isn’t called for. The guy is very successful at what he does, it doesn’t make him a shmo.

    Nice Post…Noob.

  4. Susan Sonnen

    I think that your advice is sage. And might I add that I am enjoying your candor in your posts! Merry Christmas!
    (Please don’t tell anyone, but I don’t know who John Chow is…)

  5. ClogMoney

    Great article Mr Noob, as a guy just trying to get into the world of blogging it made alot of sense. I will find my own voice, I dont want to be another John Chow clone. I want to be better 😉

  6. Chica

    That’s what I like about your blog, you continue to have a balance of blatant advertising, and personable posts, even some great advice, and humor. :)

  7. the noob Post author

    ryan- yeah. kinda sad if johnchow is your idol…shouldn’t it be someone more worthy like martin lurther king jr or jesus. Gandi? paris hilton?

    justin dupre- john has accomplished alot with his blog. so i understand why people copy him. but if you wanna make money. you better be different.

    bill- bill thanks. i’m glad people are making some very sound arguments with the comments here.

    susan sonnen- bloggernoob loves candor. are you being serious about not know john chow? wow. that’s awesome!!!

    clogmoney- you say mr noob and i look for my father…please just call me noob. :)

    chica- balance is key to life, not only blogging. thanks for being so kind with your comments chica. if you weren’t married i’d probably assume u were flirting with the noob. :)

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