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photos.jpgI own own over a hundred domain names. I have half of them just parked, but with the other half, i set up blogs, static pages, and affiliate landing pages. What i’ve noticed is that, the ones i put pictures, Photos, or a nice design gets a bit of traffic. These sites i updated once a week if i’m lucky. These sites don’t get regular traffic, but they do get stumbled every 10 days or so. I figured i’ll grow these sites this way, and build up the rankings. This will enable me to develop these sites more easily later. If i’m desperate, i could probably sell some of these sites for like 50 bucks or so. I think doing this with your domains is crucial. Domains cost money. 10 dollars for your main blog isn’t much. But if you own upwards of a hundred domains, it adds up to quite a few dollars. No body has time to maintain all of these domains. It’s a waste to just leave it parked. And it’d be a waste to have to re register them when the year ends. So it’s probably best to do some light maintenance so you can either sell the domain at a profit, or make it easier to build up the domain when you free up some time. I know i got a little too jumpy with my domain purchases. I should only have around 20 domains. But i bought all of these cause i got all excited. I really thought it was be easy to build up websites. I discovered that it’s time consuming and hard to start. It’s hard cause you need motivation. It’s hard cause there’s only 24 hours in a day.

If you’re just starting out. Don’t buy too many domains. Just buy a few you think you can develop, or snag the domain names that you think have potential. Don’t make the mistake i made. In a few months, i’ll have to re register or let go of around 50 domains. Kinda sad. And what a waste of 500 bucks. The domains that you do own, make sure you set up a light landing page with pictures, photos and nice design. It could be a good way to make a few extra bucks for not a lot of work. Pictures and photos are great cause they are easy to put up and they are the ones that have the most potential to get stumbled.

Here’s a little treat for those of you who read this post to the end. The pictures on top of this post….who is it of? The first person to correctly guess who it is will get 5 bucks from me. :) leave me a comment with the answer.

11 thoughts on “Picture Photo Design sites

  1. kmcgra

    Noobster, sorry, I have no idea who she is, maybe some Austrailian actress or something?

    To the meat of your entry…
    Just focusing on one site for one person is enough…especially if you are developing content from scratch with no outsourcing.

    I’ve got the blog going…but now I started another website with my own domain, and it is like a babe to me…I think my wife is gonna kill me soon!

  2. bloggernoob

    jackie- you won. yeah it’s a pic of jennifier aniston and angelina jolie combined. makes for a hot chick right? email me your paypal email and i’ll send you five bucks. thanks guys for playing. everyone kinda got it right but jackie was the first to answer correctly.

  3. Christina

    I’m too late! I stared at the pic for a minute (before reading the post) and finally realized it was both Angelina AND Jennifer combined. Nice. :)

  4. the noob Post author

    christina- if you come back, i’m sure i’ll run more of these random contests. early bird catches the worm!

    jackie- congrats! i got your email. i’ll send payment within 24 hours. thanks

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