Poor man’s version is better

poormansversion.jpgIt seems like the poor man’s version is better in the blogging world. Compare the corporate backed or heavily funded sites with amateur ones and it seems like the amateur ones are better. I’m not a fan of johnchow or johncow, but if i was forced to read one, i would pick johncow. That’s the poor man’s version of johnchow, but it’s better. And now johnbull is becoming better then johncow. I joke….i don’t think there is a johnbull. I hope not.

Let’s also examine blog syndication sites like blogrush. The widget is supposed to bring traffic, but it doesn’t. Entercard doesn’t work with text, but it’s the same concept. Entercard actually does what it’s supposed to, which is get traffic to your site. Of course, the traffic bounces after a second, but it’s a hell of a lot better then blogrush. Spott looks like entrecard, but it’s just as useless as blogrush. I’m going to be saying my goodbyes with spott and project wonderful when the month is over. Blogrush and spott are the corporate. They are backed with a lot of funds. Too bad money doesn’t gaurantee success on the internet. Entrecard was started with 5k. Sometimes, it shows. The site seems like it crashes every other day. And it’s so laggy, if it didn’t bring me traffic, i would boot it from my sidebar. But….It brings traffic. Clearly these examples prove that sometimes poor man’s versions are better.

I can go on. Let’s look at paid posting sites. The site that gets a lot of press coverage is payperpost. They got like 10 million in funding last year. It’s a good site, but i say sponsoredreviews is better. Don’t read much about sponsored right? But the site loads faster, and i get more posting gigs from sponsoredreviews. I recommend both sites for paid plugs, but if i have to choose, i’d go with the poor man’s version.

The last example i’ll discuss is mybloglog and blogcatalog. Mybloglog is the first blog networking site i put up on my sidebar. I thought it worked well in driving traffic to my site, cause i was getting like 8 hits a day from them. Later i found blogcatalog and tired them out. They were bringing me triple the traffic. The site loaded faster and the community members were actually active. Guess what, mybloglog is backed by yahoo, and blogcatalog is run by a few amateur webmasters. Blogcatalog was bought on sitepoint when it was a porn infested site. But now it’s better then mybloglog.

Offline branding is all about the money. Louis Vuitton will always be the creme de la creme, but online, things change. The poor man’s version can become better then the rich man’s version. Online, a pleather, non-designer bag can be better then your Louis Vuitton. So give those no name blogs and widgets a chance. Don’t underestimate a blog by it’s rank or rss subscription count. Give it a read. Who knows, it could be better then the blog you’re reading right now. (i doubt it, bloggernoob is the bomb)

Guess who the actor in the post image is? It’s not Johnny Depp. It’s the poor man’s version of Depp. Skeet Ulrich.

4 thoughts on “Poor man’s version is better

  1. shy guy

    Whoa.. Your post is good..
    I really agree with you..
    SOmetimes poor version much better than rich version..
    Myblog vs blogcatalog..
    I agree blogcatalog is better..

  2. the noob Post author

    shyguy- thanks. not just mybloglog vs blogcatalog. i see it a lot online. so many sites backed with huge sums of cash, fail, cause they suck. flat out. money doesn’t always create a good product. u would think it should, but not always the case.

  3. Jared Stenzel

    One could argue that Google is an example of the rich guy winning. It’s dominance pretty much removes all competition. Just look at ask.com aka askjeeves.com. Anyways I know this is right because I visit your blog daily, and don’t even bother with johncow. Nice work.

    Thanks for the domain name idea. Johnbull, it’s growing on me 😉

  4. the noob Post author

    jared- always playing the devils advocate. me likes. yeah, not all heavy hitters suck. google is great for search. unfortunately. but i’m saying that there are plenty of poor man’s version of stuff that are superior to the heavily funded guys.

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