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mostpopular.jpgI always wanted to analyze my popular posts, but since my blog is still very young, i wanted to wait until i got a bit older. Now this blog is a little bit older and gaining in popularity. Now i shall write about my popular posts. Let’s examine what makes certain articles more popular then others.

My most popular posts are my income reports. I guess this follows johnchow’s blog. People just love to read about how much bloggers make. I think the reason is because most blogger don’t make a damn thing. They are fascinated and jealous about the income generating blogs. Some want to learn, but most just want to check up cause they are curious. Take advantage of people wanting to learn. Monetize these income reports by placing links and explaining to your reader how different programs work. Always put you referral links when writing these make money income reports.

My second most popular posts are the ones i give out free stuff. People love free shit. They come to your site to check up on new contests. They come back to your site to check out the winner. They’ll even come to congratulate the winner. Holding contests is a great way to bribe your readers into subscribing to your RSS and getting involved with commenting. I mentioned before that you don’t have to give out huge prizes. Just make sure it’s easy to enter and make sure the competition is fun and unique. Don’t just announce the contest on your blog either. Market your contest. Post threads in web forums and encourage other bloggers to write about your contest. Of course they won’t write it for free, bribe bloggers to write about such contests. The great thing about giveaways is that the winner will most likely write and link about winning! Oh yeah, it’s hella fun!

Controversy and sex sells. My third most popular posts are the articles where i either rant about a blogger or when i use sex. Blog rants are both entertaining and informative. It’s also great cause you can sense the personality of the blogger by reading the rant. Finding your voice is important for every blogger and the best way to announce your blog personality is by posting a kick ass rant. Sex is pretty self explanatory. I post pics of Hollywood hotties cause i’d rather look at those pics as opposed to pictures of dorks in business suits. One of my most popular posts is about hot bloggers. Use sex to promote your blog but make sure it’s tastefully done. Cause that’s important…..to be tasteful.

My fourth most popular(least popular) posts are the most useful ones. Posts where i offer advice and tips are generally not as popular when you compared to the above three. It’s cause people are lazy. They don’t want to read anything useful. God forbid they learn something. Exactly the reason why johnchow’s blog is so popular. People want flash not substance. Not all, just most of them. But it’s important to have quality posts. Useful posts may not be popular, but these posts will earn you respect and a loyal following. You won’t pad your stats with quality posts, but these posts will be your blog stands on. Useful posts are your blogs foundation.

6 thoughts on “Popular make money posts

  1. Moolahking

    Well, the first most popular post is the one i hate most. I see a lot of bloggers like to read about someone else making money report every month but did not do anything to be just like them. I salute to those who make money online just like you, noob. But leaving a comments in such post, Sorry, i won’t do it again.. :)

    Second most popular post, I will applied to my blog site, ASAP..!! Just to give some appreciation to those who keep on visiting and leaving a comments on my blog post..I shall update you when i’m done, ok bud?

    Yeah..Sex Sells..!! Totally agreed. A lot of Horny Sex Maniac out there cravings for this..Hope thet you’re not one of them..Hahahahah :)

    The rest, Ermmm.. No comment..

  2. bloggernoob

    bloggingessentials- yeah she is! if she was, she wouldn’t be my ex. she would be my current :)

    moolahking- hmm. u hate reading income reports? i have to admit that i like reading other peoples income…so long as it wasn’t fake. it gives me ideas and shows me the potentials. not the mega guys like jc or shoe,,,regular blogs. yeah contests are pretty fun. and of course i love sex.

    garyhess- im an arse man myself…but i like boobs too. i don’t discriminate

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