Post drafts are a bloggers best friend

writers-block.jpgIt took me a month to realize how important post drafts are. I would spend time writing and rewriting live. Then i would publish and then view site and then edit. This obviously ate away at my DVD or video game time.

Writers block.
Bloggers are not immune to this. Some days you just don’t have anything to say. Instead of posting a useless article, why not have a few prepared for one of these days. That way you don’t lose readers and you’ve updated your blog. When you get into a groove, keep writing. Write tomorrows post. Write the post for the day after tomorrow.

Use your time wisely. Nobody will force you to do this. You’re not at the office. The manager or VP isn’t gonna get on your case about it. Blogging isn’t a punch in punch out setup. Its more organic and some days you on and some days you’re not. The days you can’t write….don’t. When you’re on fire though…write like a hamster on its wheel. Write, save and publish tomorrow.

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