Post on weekend and holidays

roseparade.jpgPosting on weekends and holidays will get you more visits. Most bloggers don’t post on weekend and holidays, so that makes it easier to steal their traffic. Once word gets around that you post on weekends and holidays, you’ll discover a jump in your weekend and holiday traffic.

It’s not that difficult to post on weekends and holidays. You don’t even have to work on it. Nobody wants to work on their precious weekend and holidays. That time is best spent on movies and eating out. It’s not like you work retail at the gap or something. Here’s how you can add to your weekend and holiday traffic without doing any work.

When you have articles that you still haven’t published in your admin, you can use those on the weekends. That’s why it’s crucial to keep a log of useful drafts in your wordpress admin. When Friday night comes, make sure you have around 2 good posts that you can use on Saturday and Sunday. Same thing with Holidays. New Years is coming, so write your new year countdown post now and just click when it’s time. Simple right? Just login, click publish, and watch the traffic pour in.

4 thoughts on “Post on weekend and holidays

  1. Tomas

    Thank you for the sharing of your thoughts on how to get more traffic to our blogs.
    That’s good, but I don’t found a word on a content of the posts – just on how to post appropriately.
    I have read “…steal their traffic” What’s that?
    The stealing may increase the traffic indeed for a moment, but just for a moment.
    It’s a stat counter that runs on clicks, but we are the humans and need much more than just dead statistic.
    Personally I long for a friendship that is expressed by total trust in other and the readiness to help other – sharing the love is the love that doesn’t number the listeners, but loves and so creates the subscriptions that are based not on sound promises, but on trust in one other – on love

  2. abi

    I agree with you man! Or better still draft those post..use the timestamp feature set the time you want it to publish and click publish..that will even save you the trouble of logging in! While you relaxing…the your blogs working for you! :)

  3. the noob Post author

    tomas- huh? i didn’t mean steal as in actual theft. i meant like bloggers will bounce to your blog cause there’s no new content on blog A. I’m all for love and friendships too.

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