PR 4 blog about making money online for sale

bloggingsecret.jpgSellSellSell. A lot of people are selling their blogs off right now. Bloggingfingers sold for $6000 a few days ago. It had PR3, 44,414 alexa, around 200 feedburner readers, and was making around 380/month.

Now bloggingsecret is for sale on sitepoint. Buy it now price of $10,000 and auction starts with a $700 bid. It is PR4, 347,298 alexa, makes 500-1000/month, 4,000 uniques/month, 10,000 page views/month. 805 feedburner readers.

I wonder how much Louiss Lim, the owner can get for this site.

SideNote: It was a blogspot blog and recently switched over to its own domain and hosting.

3 thoughts on “PR 4 blog about making money online for sale

  1. Jesmond Darmanin

    I see where we are going with this one! we are going to end up with sites advertising blogs for sale, like sedo and stuff… blogging will end up to be just a place invaded with marketing blabber :( i dont like that!

  2. Louiss

    This blog had been blog for 1 year and now is one of the top 50 communities in MyBlogLog, this really mean a lot to me.

    I don’t mean to sale it, but if I leave it there without update, I think this would not an good idea. I hope buyers will considering to keep this blog on, I really love it.

    Thanks for letting others know about it, hope the price will rose up in this 30 days. :)

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