PR PageRank is all the rage

It seems like web masters and so called SEO experts are all about the mighty Google PR. When i first started blogging, i thought that Google PageRank was the end all be all of internet marketing. To a certain degree, it is. The money that you will make from you blog or web site depends on the type of traffic that you get. If you get a lot of keyword specific search engine traffic, then you can end up making a lot of money in affiliate commissions. You can even sell off your junk “make money online” program to innocent noobs for a nice profit. That is why a lot of people desire high PRs on their websites. This desire and demand is so high that SEO types pay large sums of cash to get links on high PR blogs. If you are not convinced of this, think about payperpost and other link selling programs. Why would anyone pay for a review on your shitty ass blog? The answer. Cause your shitty blog has PR. If you do not get offers on such programs, its probably cause you lack PR.

If you’re a complete noob, you might not know what PR is. PageRank (PR) is the ranking system of Google. Since most of the internet users use Google for finding websites, getting a high rank in Google’s system is a must. The problem is that most noobies do not know or understand how PR works. Don’t be alarmed tho, most so called experts do not understand Google either. One thing that people all agree on is that you need a lot of keyword anchored links that point to you website.

If you want to get a high PR for you blog, you have to get a lot of niche specific keyword links. For me, getting links is relatively easy. I have built up a network of friends that usually hook me up with links. Since my blog is over a year old, i can now ask for favors from other bloggers. Link trading is easy for me. I just need to devote some time into it. But for a noob, getting links to your blog is super hard. Nobody will give you the time of day. That’s because they do not want to trade links with a newbie. A link from your newbie blog doesn’t do much to help them in the search engines.

So, what’s a noob to do for getting backlinks? You just gotta go out there and work a bit harder. You have to send twice as many emails. You have to beg and even pay for links. Or, you can set up your own network of PR blogs. (blog farming)

I remember how hard it was to get links when i first started. So, i will treat a few of you guys with some links. Just leave me a useful comment or suggestion below and i’ll choose a few of you guys to link to in my next blog post. Noob out and happy weekend!

16 thoughts on “PR PageRank is all the rage

  1. Experimental Blogging

    I agree that your PR is important but learning how to work the system may be more so. I know a few sites that have a low PR but make serious bank each month with all of their little ventures.

    Congrats on your past year and best wishes on doubling that amount next year!

  2. Toga A.C.

    I’m agree that Pagerank still the important thing for paid plugging besides alexa and the other. But how to keep our pagerank also more important.

    Hope you always success with your paid plugging

  3. Shafar

    I had a PR1 when my blog was on blogspot last month. Now I moved to a custom domain ( in blogger platform itself, but my PR dropped :( I hope Google will restore it soon! 😉
    I will be very happy If you consider my blog’s link in your next post :) It will be a great encouragement for a beginners like me :)

  4. The Hawg!

    The Noob speaks truth! I didn’t get crap until I got a page rank. I still don’t make much, but I do make a little beer money here and there with my blog — that’s good enough for me.

  5. bariles

    Hi there! I am a placeblogger with a blog that just turned one. When I was still with Blogger, I had PR 1. When I transferred to WordPress early this year, it went up to PR2 and by the 3rd quarter, it’s now up to PR3.

    It’s true, some high ranking blogs who linked me up did the trick. Now if The Noob links me up this time, I know that my PR will shoot up some more. :)

  6. Toga AC

    Mr Seung, I appreciate all your blog post. I have been blogging since June, 2008. Because so many source, trick, make money online tips that I found on the internet, I became not focus. Because of that I just made small bucks right now.

    After I read your recently post and also try to read your old post, I’m decided that I consider myself to CHANGE. Now I’m still in progress doing something like your strategy for example buy some PR domain and do blog farming, to reach my goal.

    Thank you very much Mr. Seung you can make me to open my eyes and my mind. Now you’re my GURU. Once again Thank you very much, God bless you and wish you continue success with your business. :)

  7. Jenny Fletcher

    I’m just confused about PR. I have 4 blogs, 3 on blogspot and 1 on today.

    Of the blogspot ones,1 is very very new so would not expect PR yet. The OLDEST one doesn’t have PR at all. Next newest has PR. All of them are linked together, but what gets you PR seems to be completely inconsistent.

    The blogs are, the one listed on this comment. (very new) (couple of weeks old)

    Would appreciate any advice from yourself or your readers – thanks

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  9. SexyMom

    I hope to get higher PR on my site. It is only PR1, despite my efforts in link-building.

    Will be happy to do a write up for you if you will include my link in your next write up.

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