Problogger is a published author

problogger.jpgWho’d have thunk it? Problogger dot net’s Darren is a published author. I give it up to the man. And out of the top three make money bloggers on the net, i’d have to say his blog is not that bad. Some of his posts are pretty good actually.

I was doing some book shopping at the borders on Michigan Ave and i was flipping through some PHP and Mysql books. (The noob is trying to learn) Anyway, i came across problogger’s logo. And i picked up the book and sure enough, it was Darren. If i wasn’t a blogger already, i might have bought that book for $24.95. (what a rip off) But if you really want to buy it, you can pick it up on amazon dot com for like 16 bucks.

Because i was intrigued by bloggers turned authors, i did some researching. Turns out that any idiot can get published. I read an interview of garry lee, from mr garry lee dot com. It gave me hope. If that guy can get inserted into a book that sits on the shelf of borders, then the noob can too.

6 thoughts on “Problogger is a published author

  1. Funked

    It’s all very nice writing a book. But seriously, is there going to be anything in there I can’t read on his blog or elesewhere on the web?

  2. the noob Post author

    grademoney- not sure if i’d buy that book, but it was cool seeing it on the bookshelves

    nick throlson- don’t know about needs…but it might be worth checking out. I personally think it’s a waste of money. u realize that you can read his blog for free online right.

    funked- yup yup


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