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wonderful.jpgI’ve recently signed up with project wonderful and spottt. You might have noticed those two widgets on my sidebar. I can’t make any assessment until i’ve tried them out for about a month, but so far so good. Spottt is adbrite’s version of entrecard. I have to admit that it kinda sucks that they are copying Grahams idea, but spottt isn’t that very good. It’s only been a couple of days so i don’t know yet, but it hasn’t brought me much traffic yet. I think the way they set up the user interface and how ads are placed is just wrong. Just like adbrite, i think it’s kind of a waste but i’ll report back after about a month.

Project wonderful isn’t great with monetizing but maybe it’s cause i haven’t had the widget up for more then 3 days. I am making money tho. So far i made a whopping 26 cents. It’s way better then spottt or adbrite. We’ll see how it goes. i priced my private 125×125 ad at $25 so let’s see if this thing can come close to my price. If it does, i will keep it, if it doesn’t i will give it the boot. Project wonderful doesn’t yet have a affiliate or referral program yet but i received an email that stating that they are setting one up soon. Ads are auctioned off at a daily rate. The ad will last as long as you keep it there or as long as the publisher accepts it. If a higher big enters, that ad will be displayed. If the ad rate drops to your bid, yours will be displayed. We will see how this goes and i will report back on how useful these sites are.

7 thoughts on “Project wonderful and spottt

  1. Jared Stenzel

    I like that concept, hopefully it can get your successful blog up to around $20, for a $5 loss it may be worth it due to the minimal effort you need to put into this versus handling the other ones.

  2. Juha Ylitalo

    Most of the ad campaigns that I saw in my Project Wonderful ad spot ended, when advertiser ran out of funds.
    I guess to make it work at decent level (advertisers with real budget and decent price/day), I would have needed whole lot more traffic to my site, because in my experiment monthly earnings were well below USD10.

  3. the noob Post author

    juha- from the test run of a few days, i’m thinking that i won’t make much from PW. but i will give it a try for the full month.

  4. the blueprint project

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