Pseudo talent makes money online

pseudotalent.jpgSome of you probably already know that i used to post videos on youtube. I did this for fun and i know that i don’t have any true talent. But, i’ve gotten over 2 million views on youtube. All of my crappy videos have been watched by over 2 million dorks. They have been featured on Rollingstone magazine and the Wallstreetjournal website. Amazing right? That’s way better then cable tv. Anyway, i did a few video where i play some piano tunes. I’m actually illiterate. I can’t read music. But it’s all good cause i promised my moms that imma learn how to read. Anyway, i played a few songs by ear and posted them on youtube. A lot of people offered to pay for the notes. I was thinking, that i should start a piano blog or piano website for fun. I could probably make a few bucks too. It’s something i enjoy doing anyway.

This can apply to anything. If you like ballroom dancing, you should set up a site for that. If you like pet grooming, model building, kite making, or whatever. I think anything that you are able to do can be set up as a website. It’ll be a lot of fun and it’ll make some extra bucks. If you set up enough of these, you’ll be living your dream. Everybody wants to do something that enjoy and get paid for it right. Singers, actors, athletes are living the dream. But it doesn’t just have to be them. Webmaster can do what they love and make money too. What a great way to find your niche.

5 thoughts on “Pseudo talent makes money online

  1. the noob Post author

    killian- no way. that’s pretty sweet. haha yeah. that probably my favorite. and fyi, those barbies are not mine. honestly. that sort of thing isn’t my bad baby!

  2. killian

    that is a good thing, a lot of people post videos that get millions of views, they can make some cash out of it.

    and the noob, answering to your comment, yeah, this is one of my favorite blogs, I admire how you made so much money with a new blog :)

  3. the noob Post author

    seanmorris- i must look into that. thanks for mentioning it. not sure if i’ll make any more crappy vids but it’s good to know. wish they paid for it last year. maybe i’d be a thousand bucks richer. :) is the new program like metacafe

    killian- really? i haven’t made much…but thanks. hopefully i can consistently make around 2k a month with this blog. knock on wood

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