Punching in your keywords

makemoneyblog.jpgAbout a month ago, i started getting listed on google for certain keywords. I know that search visibility has amazing long term benefits, so i wanted to see how hard it was to move up on google search. Two weeks ago, i got to where i was pretty happy with some of rankings. My main focus, as far as search keywords, is to get on the front page for the term “make money blog” I think this phrase is probably second best to the term “make money online.”

Two weeks ago, i was listed on the 4th page of google search. I was the 31st site that came up for these keywords. I have since moved up a page. I am now showing on the 3rd page and i’m the 22rd site that is organically listed. I think if i tweak my site a bit more, i should get on the front page in a month or two. *knock on wood*

How did i do this? Very very easy

First, i changed my blog title from bloggernoob.com to Make Money blog.
Second, i added some site wide internal links to my blog on the footer with the anchoring text “make money blog.
Next, i used these keywords repeatedly in my posts. I made sure that they blended in with my sentences and topic.
Next, i linked to my homepage with the anchoring text in some of my posts.
Last, i got a few external links with anchoring text “make money blog”

I know that there are more tricks like this to get higher in searches, but these are good enough so far. The great thing is that it’s super easy to do. Try it out with some keywords that match your blog.

6 thoughts on “Punching in your keywords

  1. witchypoo

    Lord, I haven’t even decided if I want to place ads or not. I spend so much time commenting and answering comments and tweaking my CSS, I think my head will explode.
    I need to get out more. But it’s winter.

  2. the noob Post author

    allyn- haven’t read much of court advice yet. u mean courtney tuttle?

    witchypoo- i should get out more too. but im in chicago and it’s freezing and windy. during these months, i wish i was back in L.A.

  3. chica

    Good tips.. My blog is entirely about books. I haven’t done anything particular to keywords. But I’ve noticed that I get hits from google searches for the books I review. I guess that means my blog has good visibility.

  4. Dazzlecat

    Great advice, I keep forgetting about the whole keyword thing – i just start rambling. I’m just starting out on the whole blogging thing so i’m still trying to keep everything straight in my head about what to do and not do.
    thanks for the advice.

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