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Many of you already know that i work in real estate development. I got started in real estate because of my father. My father works as a general contractor. He started telling me about real estate investments even when i was in high school. I grew interested during college and started to invest in some properties with my family. We made some nice investments through out the years. I feel blessed that i was able to learn about real estate at such an early age. I think that real estate is always a sound investment. Even during these trouble economic times, real estate can be really profitable. I honestly believe that a lot of savvy people make a lot of money when the market is down. This is when all of the great deals can be found. If you want to learn about real estate investments, you should visit the web site over at nouveaurized dot com. The web site is jam packed with useful info regarding real estate. The Nouveau Riche can help you understand how the real estate economy works. You will learn about the strategies that have helped out a lot of people. The Nouveau Riche courses were designed to help out beginners as well as experienced professionals. Find out more about the Nouveau Riche program by doing some research. You will be happy that you did the reading.

8 thoughts on “questions about Nouveau Riche

  1. hank

    I don,t understand why I can not find anyone who will say anything about making any money with this company. except people that show up at meetings. and only a handful of them which have been with company for awhile say enough to
    convince me this not a scam.

  2. Paul Sabaj

    I thought the idea of Nouveau Richeas ok until I went to the seminar. I found it to be like the Amway of real estate. When you ask someone how many deals they did they are all in the “pipeline” and they made money selling the 17,000 dollar boot camp. While I love all the other info you have on this site I would have to say not on this one. While the info at the 17K school might be good,I would think there are a lot cheaper ways to get into the biz. Sorry for the buzz kill. Love the rest of the stuff. Thanks

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