Realistic money goals for your blog

realisticgoals.jpgEvery blogger wants to make a little something something with their blogs. I believe that every blog can be monetized in some way or another. I think setting goals are important for every blogger. The key is to set realistic goals. What are realistic goals? The key number is 300. $300/month is the starting point to your blogging success. Let us examine these realistic money goals for your blog.

If you are a newb blogger, you might find it damn near impossible to make some cash with your blog. I know that when i started this blog, i had no clue how to monetize it. I know right…why did i set up a make money blog when i didn’t know a thing about it? Cause i read johnchow and i thought that maybe i could make 20 percent of what he makes. Stupid me. I’m not close to making even 10 percent of JC cash, but i think bloggernoob has made more then 99.99 % of all blogs in the blogosphere. This is cause most bloggers quit blogging. Most set unrealistic goals and then quit after they realize that it won’t happen for them.

Realistically speaking. I think every new blog should set their first month goal at 10-20 dollars. This is rather easy to do and the 10 bucks will cover you hosting bill. Since your blog is new, you won’t have much traffic, or stats to brag about, so you’ll probably need to do a lot of grunt work to even make 10 bucks. You should hit the forums for 1-2 dollar reviews. If you keep at it, i’m sure you’ll find around 5 people to take you up on that offer. You should also enter as many contests as possible. I have contests on my blog all the time. I pay 5 bucks to random winners every week or so. Find these type of free money blogs and enter them. This will also get you in the habit of commenting and networking with other blogs. Read up on as many small and medium blogs as possible. You’re building your blog house one brick at a time. In time, all of this will help build a solid foundation for your blog. This is the seed planting stage, hence the low ball income goal.

For your second month, you should focus on making around 50 to 100 bucks. After about a month, your blog should start getting some traffic. If you joined blogcatalog, digitalpoint, and entercard you should be averaging at least 50 visits a day if you post daily. Don’t focus on selling private ads. You probably won’t be able to sell private ads until your 4th month. You should join affiliate sites and push a few affiliate links. Do this in your posts, and try to make your posts readable. Don’t just review the affiliate. Make it interesting and if you’re lucky, you might get a few clicks. Market the affiliates to your offline friends. Get them to start a blog. Sell one hosting link and you’ll make around a hundred dollars.

For your third month, you should start joining paid posting sites. These sites will help you reach your next goal of 300 dollars a month. If you’re signed up with payperpost, sponsoredreviews, and smorty, you should easily be able to reach your goal of 300/month. Once you hit this level, you’re on your way to becoming a make money blogger. If you think about it, $300 a month isn’t bad right?

After this point, the sky is the limit. Don’t day dream of johnchow type income. But if you keep at it, you’ll start making 4 digits a month from your blog. Set up a few more of these babies(blogs) and you can make some good money. Were these money goals unrealistic? If you don’t believe me check out my income reports. If this post was helpful, subscribe to my RSS feed.

25 thoughts on “Realistic money goals for your blog

  1. Living on Adsense

    That is pretty much the same path and the exact $ goal I set out for myself.

    You mentioned Pay Per Post in month 3, I am currently in month 2 so I am gearing up for Pay Per Post. I am curious what your readers initial reaction to this was. Did you loose many readers, or were people understanding?

  2. the noob Post author

    livingonadsense- that’s good! my readers don’t mind. they usually skip those posts anyhow. at least my regulars do anyway. i think you shouldn’t worry too much about reader reaction. if you want to make a few bucks. you gotta do what you gotta do. :) do u mind that i do a lot of paid posting?

  3. Jackie

    Wow, what a great Post! I have been wanting to make some sort of income with my blog but wasn’t really sure where to start, I have been wanting to actually obtain leads for my MLM Businesses also…I may Post about this later, very good information for the newbie.

  4. the noob Post author

    jackie- althought im not a fan of MLM businesses, i think it could generate income. Only thing tho, you should have an actual product as opposed to selling just membership fees. if the income is from products sold not fees, then it could be workable. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and i think your blog right now could be monetized. I think affiliates and paid posts would work on you blog.

    livingonadsense- exactly! good luck!

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  6. the noob Post author

    myoutdoorprofile- just keep at it and you’ll get traffic, use entrecard, blogcatalog, visit blogs, leave comments and your good. of course you need to write good content, but that goes without saying. :)

    jared- when ur blog launches please let me know. i want to see :)

  7. the noob Post author

    jackie- thank you so much. sometimes writing away on this blog isn’t very rewarding, but every once in a while, a comment like yours makes me feel all special. very rewarding. i really appreciate your support jackie. :)

  8. the noob Post author

    jackie- u keep coming back to this post.
    :) thanks. i’ll work on getting the plugin, after i come back from my honeymoon. for you jackie :)

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  11. A.L.

    I dunno what I’ve been doing wrong. I first started a blog to post my ideas and predictions on fights. Then I added ads to see if I could make money.

    Good thing I’m not in it solely to make money.

    I average about $1 a week, if that. And I use entrecard, blogcatalog, visit blogs and related forums, leave comments and write fairly good articles but nothing.

    I must admit that Entrecard has really helped. According to Alexa I had a 593% jump in traffic ranking in the last 3 months. Any further advice?

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  15. Nicholas Sharpes

    Good site, where did you come up with the information in this piece? I’m happy I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

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