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rssfeed.jpgA lot of my RSS subscribers do so via email. 30% of my subscribers get their daily dose of the noob in their email box. I know some of you guys just signed up when i had my contest but hopefully most are true subscribers. Regardless, you want to show the maximum amount of your RSS count on the counter box. Currently, bloggernoob dot com floats around the 200 mark in RSS feeds. I haven’t It would jump around from 190 to 210 the past week. I just thought it was the regular activity with some people subscribing and others unsubscribing, but i think it was just my email subscribers. I checked my subscriber list for the first time yesterday. I was surprised to see that i had some that were inactive. I think if the feed isn’t fetched for a few days, feedburner just makes the subscription inactive. But you don’t technically use the subscriber. All you have to do is login to your feedburner and refresh the subscription. As long as they don’t unsubscribe, you still have that person as a subscriber. So login to your feedburner and get yourself familiar with the admin section. Every day or every other day, refresh your RSS subscribers so it’ll show the maximum amount on your feed counter. Just a little tip for yall.

7 thoughts on “Refresh your RSS subscribers

  1. Moolahking

    Hey Noob,

    That’s a new one..!! Yayy..!!! Today i learn something new..!!!

    Damn it, i should have known it before. But i think RSS subscribers means nothing. As what you say, some of the bloggers just took advantage on participating on your contest. And i hate that..!!

  2. the noob Post author

    moolahking- glad u learn a new trick. i just noticed a couple days ago. yesterday my rss showed 192 or something like that. now it’s 202. i refreshed like 7 email subscribers yesterday. so i guess i gained 3. but if i didn’t refresh, it’ll probably only show 195. not 100 percent sure…but i think…who knows. im a noob!

  3. the noob Post author

    jason- no problem

    allyn paul- go into my accounts, and then check subscriptions. then u check email subscriptions. and managage email sub. you’ll see a list of all your email subscribers. hopefully i wasn’t too late with this tip. u probably found it on forums or somebody else. but better late then never right? btw. i had some in and out yesterday. oh my god! almost heaven. my mouth is still watery from that experience.

  4. Allyn Paul

    I got it refreshed now. Didn’t help much! ROFL! thanks for the advice.
    In-n-Out is the best thing about Calif IMHO.

    (hey, you should add a ‘subscribe to comments’ box in the comments so I can get them in my email)

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