Reinvest your earnings to make money online

scarlett johansson reinvests to make money onlineI have made over $10,000 with this blog. is not a site that will make me rich, but it is a site that gives me supplemental income. Heck, i could easily pay for my car payments and insurance with bloggernoob. Shoot, i could even take my new bride out to fancy (non Micky D’s) restaurants with the money i’ve made with bloggernoob dot com. I could, but i don’t. Don’t worry guys, i take my wife out with my own money. The money i make with blogggernoob goes back into my online business interests. Recently, i’ve been getting into domain names. I’ve purchases thousands of dollars worth of domains. I’ve resold a few, but i plan on keeping the rest. I think they will grow in value. Also, i plan on setting up a lot of different sites to increase in my growing education of web business. If i didn’t believe that making money online with legit, would i be investing my own cash?

I don’t recommend spending a lot of money if you’re a newb. If you’re new to this game, you should save your money and learn first. Don’t learn by buying into all those bullshit programs. Don’t pay for shit when you’re starting out. There’s plenty of freely available info on the net. After you feel comfortable, pay for the bare essentials. Pay for your own unique domain names and pay for your own shared hosting. It’s cheap. It only costs $10/year for the domain and less then $10/month for hosting. Other then that, don’t pay.

What kind of purchases or investments should you make? I think you should start learning about how the web economy functions. Buy a few books. Go to Borders or Barnes and Nobles and browse their computer/internet section. Make sure you check out the date that it was printed. Don’t buy anything that was printed before 2007. Note that these purchases should only be made if you are serious about making money online. You don’t want to spend your hard earned cash on big boring books that you won’t read. Do you?

I think domain names are great investments. Don’t make the same mistake i made in the beginning. Don’t buy too many when you’re starting out. I am left with a lot of domains that are useless. I will not be re registering around 50 of my domain names. That’s a waste of around $500. It’s all good, this is how i learn. But hopefully, you don’t rush into buying up stupid domains. Just buy a few and see how it goes. Try to buy domains from someone else. Buy domains that have already been registered. New domains are not as valuable as older ones. Unless you’re picking up a domain about a brand new technology, you won’t have much luck trying to register a new domain of value. Buy domains from Discount Domain Club

That’s a good place to start if you’re new to the game. Buying websites is also a good way to reinvest your online income. Sitepoint is where most noobs go to pick up a website. You have to be careful cause there are a lot of shady sellers. I would put off on buying developed websites until you gain more experience.

The best way to reinvest your earning is to reinvest into your own web projects. Put money back into your blog or website. Grow your site. Run contests and pay for traffic. Or, you can set up another website. Buy another domain and get that up and running. If you’re already making $5 a day with your blog, you should set up a few more blogs to increase your earning to $25/day with 5 blogs. Noob out!

6 thoughts on “Reinvest your earnings to make money online

  1. Jared Stenzel

    Didn’t see the relevancy to most of the post… I would also just like to state my two cents for making money online, domain buying and reselling is not a very rewarding thing. By this I mean, that same money you’re using noob, you could reinvest into learning affiliate advertising with google adwords or something like that.

    You could also use it to purchase a coder. Remember entrecard? I believe that was coded for $5,000. Now that they are selling credits they are making around a grand a day…

  2. the noob Post author

    jared- u didn’t? did you not read it carefully? need ur reading glasses jared. 😉

    hmm. good point young friend. but you have to think of entrecard as an exception. Most $5000 coded sites don’t get funded like entrecard. I know a lot people who have wasted thousands of dollars on developing the next digg or facebook. but, i also know a lot that have lost money on domains too. In my opinion tho, domains sell. If i buy a domain for $1000, i know that i could sell it for $800-$1000. Granted, u have to put in some research first. But if you’re just buying dropped domains, it doesn’t cost a lot of money.

    Also, have you bought and sold domains? I’m interested in your experience with it. Did u lost money? Before you started your make money blog, i remmeber advising you to not start a make money blog. Most people who try it, don’t find it to be that rewarding. I say, domaining is a heck of a lot better then make money blogging. that’s my two cents. Thanks for commenting jared.

    one last thing, you’re starting to get really pushing with your comments. lol. quit it. If i’m not your favorite blogger anymore, skip my blog. 😉 cheers.

  3. Jared Stenzel

    Pretty much the only blog I read here… Just don’t see the relevancy in all these domain posts you’ve been throwing at us lately on a make money blogging blog :p

    I looked into selling domains very carefully and decided not to. There were plenty of other things I could do with the money to make better money with my investment. I’m looking into affiliate offers by advertising on facebook at the moment.

  4. the noob Post author

    jared- haha. i’ve been getting into domain names. naturally it will reflect in my posts. 😉

    i think you’re a very active guys. whatever u spend time and energy on, u should be able to make a few dollars out of it. cheers jared. u should look into domaining once again tho. it’s pretty cool.

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