Rejected post

icon_denied.pngI logged in my ppp account to see if they approved my posts and i received a notice saying i was rejected for a post because i didn’t read the fine print. Apparently you cannot post two consecutive ppp sponsored post. I can’t even resubmit the post after moving it. It kind of sucks that they don’t let you resubmit. I know you are supposed to read the terms of agreement but who really reads all of it. We basically assume that most terms of agreements are boiler plate docs. Anyway, the lesson learned is to read the terms carefully. Im glad i waited and not posted a lot of offers. I would have done the work for nothing. And i wouldn’t even be able to resubmit. Here is the notice i received.

“Thanks so much for your post. We are glad to see that you were excited about the Opp. Unfortunately, we are not able to approve this post because it does not meet the requirements of our Terms of Service regarding Interim Posts. According to our Terms of Service, PayPerPost Opportunity-related posts may not appear consecutively on your Blog. Each PayPerPost Opportunity post must be separated by at least one non-sponsored, original content, post. ‘Sponsored’ posts apply to both PayPerPost Direct and Marketplace Opportunities, as well as other sponsored posts from competitive services. As the post previous to this post, I just made $25 with PayPerPost, is also a sponsored post, this post does not meet our Terms of Service and may not be resubmitted. Thanks Crystal”

Learn from me and make sure you don’t post consecutive PPP sponsored posts. As a blogger its important to maintain revenue streams with site like ppp.