Religulous weekend

carrie fisher makes money online with religulousHappy weekend everybody! My make money online blog is pretty boring. I don’t think that i can write another generic “make money online” post today. I am glad the week is over and i am headed to the movie theater. As many of you already know, i am a huge movie buff. I am one of the biggest movie dorks in the entire universe. I haven’t been getting excited about the type of movies that Hollywood has been churning out recently. I am sick of movies like “ladybugman” and “spiderboy.” I don’t want to spend 10 dollars for something that has no story. Special effects and tits are cool and all, but i need strong characters. I need something that is interesting. Something original or thought provoking. Anyway, i wanted to do a fun post about a movie i am excited to see. The documentary called Religulous opened yesterday. I saw a preview about this a while back. I think that it will be interesting to see how this taboo subject is handled.

Sometimes working on your blog during the weekend can be productive. But every once in a while, you have to say buck it, and neglect your blog. If you work too hard on your blog, you’ll probably give up on it. I am kind of going through that right now. I have so many blogs that it becomes a chore to update. The money i make from these blogs is good, but i am starting to lose the passion. It is becoming more like work. You don’t want that to happen with you hobby blog. Learn to pace yourself and you will have more fun make money online.

6 thoughts on “Religulous weekend

  1. ChiQ Montes

    ayay! i feel the exact same way.. especially because the money i earn from blogging is nothing compared to freelancing.. i guess we all go through this phase..

  2. djarchi

    Hey let us know how the movie is. I have to admit though I’m not a huge Bill Maher fan the preview when he was talking to Jesus looked pretty funny.

  3. the noob Post author

    jake- thanks for reading and spending time to comment here. 😉

    chelle- have you seen this movie yet? It was sold out last week when i went to see it. I usually like watching movie during the openning week. when time passes, i tend to wait for it on dvd. 😉

    chiq- yeah, btw chiq, how long have you been a freelance wp theme designer?

    djarchi- when i see it, i will. 😉

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