Repeat customers are overrated

jessica simpson markets herself on the internetAre we not on the world wide web? Isn’t the internet moving at light speed? How can you find the time for repeat customers? I read a lot of this nonesense on other make money online blogs. Those blogs talk about how you need repeat customers and blah blah blah. I don’t completely agree. Of course, repeat customers are good for business. I agree and it’s really important if you want to grow an old fashion brick and mortal store. I own a vitamin shop in Los Angeles, and i make sure that my customers are satisfied. I want them to come back and keep buying from my store. But, that’s regarding my offline business. With my online ventures, i don’t really think about it with my websites, especially my make money online blog.

There are billions of people who surf the web. Out of those people, maybe a few million run some sort of website. (the figure is more if you count myspace and facebook type sites) So the new customer base is rather large.

Focusing on keeping your old customers happy could be hard work. You have to keep their records and remember them. You have to shoot them followup emails and ask them about your product or service. This could get time consuming.

I think you should move on to the next customer. I know this sounds bad. It sounds a bit whorish. But think about it. Even if you spend a lot of time re-marketing to old customers, they probably won’t buy your product or service again. Even if your product or service is good, those customers would prefer to test out other products or services. During that time, they might have found other sites that offered the same thing your offering at a cheaper price. Maybe they found something better. My point is, you should really consider the opportunity cost of your marketing efforts. I think it’s a better bet to focus on getting new customers rather then old.

Sending a boiler plate email is easier then sending an email to an old customer. You have to remember them and include their info in the email. But with an email to a new customer, you can easily shoot them your boiler plate. The economics of websites is time. Website make money. That’s a fact. It’s all about how much it makes considering the amount of time invested. In my opinion, smaller sites should focus on the new customers. Repeat customers are hard to come by and they are overrated.

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  1. wendy

    I have the tendency to agree with you.

    Seeing as how there are more and more people getting online everyday the possibilities are endless.

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