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reply.jpgThe noob just lost out of two months worth of private ad sales. I’ve been a bit pre occupied with my wedding so i couldn’t tend to my blog as much as i would have liked. I still update daily, but i didn’t response to some of my emails. Had i replied to one of those emails, i would be $50 richer.

$50 isn’t a large sum of money, but in blogging dollars it’s pretty significant. It’s also important to increase my private ad sales earnings. This will help me sell more ads and increase the value of my blog. I don’t plan on selling bloggernoob dot com, but if were, the income from private ads would be most desired.

I received an email a few days ago asking for my paypal email. The sender wanted to send me payment for 2 months of private ads. Private ads are easy money. You don’t have to write a post or review an affiliate. All you have to do is place an ad on the sidebar. No work and great pay. If i just replied quickly, i know that i would have $50 more in my paypal account.

Replying to emails is a must when you maintain a website. Email is how webmasters communicate with one another. Get comfortable with it and do not be afraid to use it. Get in the habit of emailing to other bloggers. And get in the habit of quickly replying to emails you receive. This is common courtesy and it’s good for blogging income. You don’t want to miss out on any private ad sales.

Most purchases are spur of the moment. If you are trying to sell something, you have to catch the right timing. Someone who wanted to buy an ad yesterday, might not be so willing today. Reply quickly if you want to make money online.

10 thoughts on “Reply quickly to make money online

  1. Wade

    Even if he put his paypal address on the advertise page, it still would have been a delay before he would have put the persons ad up. Thus a waste of a few days of money. Does your cell phone allow you to check your email?

  2. Jared Stenzel

    Yeah, you should have a way to pay directly from the advertise page. Check out the different options on They have a bunch of different buttons. You can have the buttons set at different prices and they can just buy them there.

  3. shy guy

    Private ads is great especially when your blog is established an known worldwide…
    ANd paypal is such an easy way to transaction./

  4. Etienne Teo

    Private advertisements are sold if your blog can substain a level of PR, traffic and also quality content. Using paypal is the quickest and easiest of them all. I am sure about it because i have sold a number of them with ease.

  5. the noob Post author

    narendra- yup. bummer, but i learned my lesson. just trying to pass it on. pay it forward. 😉

    bill- good point. will do that.

    livecrunch- indeed

    wade- yeah, i have an iphone, but i don’t check my blog when i’m away from home.

    jared- yeah, very good point. i’ll get it up after my honeymoon. so many things to do. so little time :)

    tom- i don’t mind the aspect of control if i get paid. don’t need to approve ads. not so picky. it’s all about the cheddar. haha 😉

    shyguy- yeah i love paypal.

    etienne- not true, i’ve sold and continue sell private ads and i have PR of zero. it’s all about traffic. google can kiss my bum bum. i joke google. please give me some pr

    biztone- hit me up if you have any questions. i try to reply asap. but yeah, i hit up forums, i contact past advertisers. i find new sites and send them an email. i tweak my pitch emails. it helps to have a network of bloggers whom u have a good repore with. and it also helps that my ads are relatively cheap.

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