Reverse funnel cake system

funnelcake.jpgI have a great idea guys. I’m going to sell something…better yet…I’m going to have you sell something for me. I’m going to start selling nothing. huh? You read what i wrote. I’m going to start selling nothing to people on the net. Of course i can’t sell nothing nothing so i will have to package it as an ebook or something useless like that. I’ll have to give it a fancy sounding name. I got it, “Reverse funnel cake system.” I’ll have around 11 pages of random babblings. Writing 11 pages of that is kinda hard so i’ll just tape record my nephew talking about pokemon for 11 minutes and transcribe it. I’ll advertise it at a few big name blogs like johnchow dot com and i’ll set up an affiliate program for this product. I’ll submit it to the affiliate links and viola. I’ll be making thousands in no time. I have a great slogan too, “Snow bunny makes $270,000 with her laptop.”

This idea belongs to the Noob but if you’re an idiot, you can copy it. If you make a quarter million with this idea, i ask that you give me 7 dollars. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Reverse funnel cake system

  1. thewild1

    I have actually been thinking about doing that for a while. After a couple of months of articles, I was considering taking the best ones and compiling into some investing for dummies.

    Seems like an easy enough project. I don’t see why you couldn’t make money.

  2. allyn paul

    Noob you are hilarious. I almost detect some bitterness?!?!?!

    I actually like e-books, but not ones on “make money like a whipped jackass online”
    I have bought some e-books on Building SHowers, Tiling, Electrical..ya know, like manly stuff that involves cutting stuff and swinging hammers.
    Ebooks with solid content are good.
    You should write one and sell it for like $400 and see it anybody bites.

  3. the noob Post author

    thewild1- im actually against selling ebooks about making money online. The reason is cause of all the free content avaible for this topic. i wrote this post more as a rant. i do think it could make money. the beachbum did it. means anyone can.

    allynpaul- i’m not dissing all ebooks. mostly make money online ebooks. i personally thing how to books are a waste this day and age cause of all the free available resources on the net. I have a trust issue with websites. random ebooks can be sold by some guy on DP to a site owner. then he’ll sell those same generic ebook to unsuspecting noobs. Also, ebooks with solid content can be found for free.

  4. Allyn Paul

    Noob, not to beat a dead horse, but this is interesting to me (cause I am writing an e-book 😉 )
    You are right that pretty much any info you want is available for free, however, 2 thing come into play:
    1) people by in large are lazy and will gladly pay for comprehensive info on a subject so they don’t have to search for it on several websites
    2) the fact that something is for sale lends to it a measure of credibility. The thinking being, “This author must know his stuff because he is charging for the information.”

    This is why the content must be good or the book will not go viral.

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