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catherine mccormackSome of you are already away of this internet scam. A few of you might have paid the $50 fee to obtain more info. And hopefully, none of you paid the $3,000 to push this pyramid scheme. I read a post the other day on johnchow that discussed this scheme.

Chow was saying how it’s a legit money making venture cause people keep buying ads on his blog. As if that legitimizes the scam. Scams make money. It’s a known fact. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s a scam.

Let say that this scam(reverse funnel system) makes money. It would cost a lot of money to try it out. Who has $3,000 to buy the thing, and $500 more to advertise on johnchow? Instead of buying into a scam, why not start your own. Why not collect info about this scam for free. I’m sure there a lot of posted info about this scam. You can just read what others have said about it. Then, just set up your own scam. Test it out. Improve upon the scam. Make the pay tiers less scammy.

It’s a sad truth that scams make money online. It’s not noble and you’re an ass if you run a scam, but setting up a really good one can make you a millionaire. Or at least start you off on your web career. Look at the success of those pixel and wiki pages. A lot of people actually paid for that shit. The way i see it, you can go about it in two ways. You can either price the scam really high (reverse funnel system) or you can price it low. (pixel scam)

The beauty of the internet is that your identity remains a secret. You can run legitimate business along side scammy ones and no one will know the difference. I might set one up. If you want to pay for it, email and paypal me $3,000 and i’ll put you in my downline.

8 thoughts on “Reverse Funnel System makes money online

  1. Forest Parks

    I’ll take two please. Just email me $7000 to my offshore account where Mr Wombimamazoso needs the money to save his dying daughter from exile and I will help you claim your position to the thrown of the third land of missy nun huruck…. then I will transfer the $7000 back to you with a bonus $30,000,000. Thanks you sir, I look forward to doing business with you….

    It’s not a scam, honest :):)

  2. the noob Post author

    marketingdeviant- who can blame them. children learn from their mommies and daddies. too bad make money mommies are chow and shoemoney. scammers

    forest- sent

  3. Spreadsheet Ninja

    I too get fed up with all the scams out there. But, I do enjoy reading what they are scamming. It’s funny how many of these scams could go legit after they develop their small downline. There was a program called 4daily, which would credit you 4% every day you visited 40 websites for 30 seconds. The program at first seemed and acted like a scam, but after I was in it for awhile, it really wasn’t a scam. The biggest problem the owner had, was that he was playing with virtual money. Somebody came along and figured out they could achieve $10,000 in 13 weeks from the program. If he had only required that the money somebody earned was actually paid out instead of kept virtual, he would have a legit system now. Anyways, I (along with everybody else) would love to find an automated system that wasn’t a scam.

  4. the noob Post author

    spreadsheet ninja- nice domain! i’m sick of those scams too. But, you’re right, they can be converted into a legit business. My father is always telling me, the most successful businessmen are the one who start with a scam, and then turn it into a monster business! i think that statement is kinda true.

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  6. Deandra Shotts

    Can we somehow get more relevant information to the headlines before we click on the link? I have spend about 50 min. to find this great information it could be done faster.

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