Revisit your old posts

old.jpgEvery bloggers who updates his or her blog on a regular basis knows that new ideas don’t spring up every day. So we need to constantly find ways to put a new spin on an old subject. It gets pretty dull but that’s the name of the game. Posting frequently is a must if you want to monetize your blog. What are we to do when we’re out of drafts posts and have no new ideas.

You have three options. You can A, not post. Or B, post about what someone else wrote about. Or C, post about what you wrote about. I think C is probably best.

Posting about your favorite blogger is cool sometimes, but when you do this often, your blog gets rather boring. Isn’t it better to read the comments of the original post? Why read your lazy ass reaction post? That’s why when you don’t have anything to say, you should post about one of your older posts. Write about one of your favorite posts. Write a reaction to one of your most popular posts. Revisit your old posts. This will bring attention back to a popular post that your new readers never got to read. It refreshes that old post and you might even make a little commission off of that post. (assuming you included an affiliate link in that post)

Bloggernoob constantly gets around 60 percent of visit that are new. So most likely, these new visitors don’t get to see some of my earlier posts. Besides the most popular posts, there are a lot of quality(subjective) posts i’ve written that i want refreshed and read my new readers. Get in the habit of linking to your older posts. Revisit and write a commentary about your older posts. Put a new spin on an old post.

5 thoughts on “Revisit your old posts

  1. witchypoo

    Yeah, I had a total of 300 page views the first month I started blogging, and a few of my posts were pretty decent. I do backlinks regularly, but one of these days when I’m stuck, I expect I can expose an old post to new eyes.
    Btw, I notice your RSS count is climbing.

  2. mike

    Good one! I actually on my music blog put a link to my top songs list on the upper right sidebar. I noticed the link also shows up in Google.

  3. Olga, the Traveling Bra

    That’s a great idea…my blog didn’t start getting regular readers until after about 4 months…maybe I will incorporate some of those earlier adventures into my “blog-versary” posts!
    Thanks for always having such good advice! :)

  4. Diana

    Good advice! I have some posts with good reactions, so when I will get stuck, I will probably comment that posts and the comments. I think I saw this once or twice on some other blogs.

  5. bloggernoob

    witchy- 300 page views. that’s like 299 more then what i had my first month 😉 yeah my rss is climbing. hopefully i can get it up to 350 soon

    mike- awesome. it’s always nice when google notices the links.

    olga- yup, you should. thanks for your supportive words. i love the title of your blog, btw :)

    diana- yeah, it’s a good habit to get into. i remember in screenwriting class at university. they said that all the plots have been already written. there’s only like 13 original plots. so there really aren’t any unique scripts. it’s all about putting a new spin on an old story.

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