Reward your visitors to make money online

avril contestI’m a big believer of Karma. I if you live your life a certain way, the universe will return the favor or punishment. I think on this spiritual approach with blogging. (haha, make money online blog goes spiritual) When you receive good fortune, i think it’s best to return some of it to others. My blog is starting to make a few dollars here and there, so i wanted to return the favor. My blog isn’t just about making money online, I also enjoy giving money online.

I do this by running various promotions on this blog. I give out random prizes to my readers for doing nothing. I test out different types of contests with actual prizes, not just some stupid ads. I also try to return each and every email request to my growing base of readers. I reply to the comments left on my blog, and i try to visit your blogs and comment on your blogs when i find the time.

I think this should be practiced by every blogger. Of course, if your blog is a giant, it can get difficult to do such things if you’re problogger. But, when your blog is growing, you should adhere to these code of ethics. Blogging shouldn’t just be about the money or fame. It should be about community. Where ideas are shared freely. Bloggers should help out each other because we’ve all been down in the trenches.

Anyway, i figured i’d do another random giveaway. Guys, it’s not much, but i will award one of you $5 via paypal. I thank you for reading my blog, and reading this post all the way through. I will select one of you from the comments below. Just shoot me a comment with “make money online” in the comment. Cheers! Oh yeah, i wanted to spread some link love here as well. I noticed a few of you guys have been commenting consistently on my blog the past couple weeks. Thanks guys. Shout outs to, Jared Stenzel,, Forest Parks, Matt, and Dave.

10 thoughts on “Reward your visitors to make money online

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  2. witchypoo

    make money online. You can also do it at my blog this week. I have a giveaway running until Friday midnight. It’s for a $100 voucher for American Airlines. Look at me, pimping my bad self.

  3. Frigga

    MAKE MONEY ONLINE – whoohoo, I love money! :)

    And I agree about giving out prizes to readers. I don’t do it randomly (at least not yet) but I do offer prizes for various levels of commenter interaction.

  4. Christine Bean

    Make money online…yes, you’re right. It’s not just about making money online. It’s about sharing your knowledge and experiences with others. It’s also about helping others not to experience some of the challenges you have, because you’re sharing with them what has worked and what hasn’t.

    I too believe in “karma” AKA “what goes around comes around” and “Garbage in, garbage out.”

    IMO…wealth is not necessarily in $$ rewards. Wealth is in sharing and caring one’s knowledge and wanting to help others.

    As Deepak Chopra says, “You help others to make money, then you’ll make money.”

    You, my dear, are VERY WEALTHY!!!

    Christine Bean

  5. haziri

    Hi, noob. your blog is really something. I enjoy reading this blog. It give me inspiration. Keep up the good work. and thanks for the information you share..

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