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rich.jpgIt’s late at night, and i just got done watching a ballistics special on the history channel. It was pretty awesome. I didn’t realize how advanced and creative some of the ancient weaponry were. Right after that documentary was over, a get rich with Ebay informercial came on.

I realized that all of these informercial work the same way. They repeat how much people make with these programs. They talk about how easy it is. To people who are not familiar with Ebay or making money online, it almost makes sense.

Get rich with real estates. Get rich with Ebay. Get rich placing classifed ads. Get rich Blogging. These are all scams. First off, if you have to pay to learn these so called secrets, you’re already being ripped off. Secondly, if you think you’re going to get rich with any of the above, you must be retarded. Think about it. Have you ever bought anything after watching an informercial that you didn’t regret. I have a cheap plastic food processor that doesn’t work in my kitchen cabinet cause my wife was brain dead for a few min while watching one of those suckers. I bought quarters online. Quarters man! I bought something that’s worth 25 cents for like 20 dollars. I must be retarded.

These scams work because its late at night. When it’s dark and you’re sleepy, it’s possible go brain dead. Blogging works similarly. Watch out for bloggers who promise you riches. Watch out for websites with testimonials. If there’s a testimonial somewhere on the product page, don’t buy it.

With that said, i want to say that, if you work at it, making money online is possible. You can make money with Ebay. Sure! Why not! But you won’t get rich off it. The people who get rich off of ebay are people who sell “get rich with Ebay” books. Same thing with make money bloggers. The guys that make the big bucks in this niche are selling this dream. You won’t learn anything on these blogs.

Make it realistic. Have realistic goals. Decide that you want to make 100 dollar/month with your blog. Do that and then move up to 300. This is all possible. It’s not very difficult either. Then you can shoot for 1000. My blog is capping at around 2000. I don’t think i’ll be able to make more then that every month. So if i want to increase my blogging income, i’ll look to increase the earning on another blog. If bloggernoob maintains 2k/month, i’ll just grow another blog to this level. 3 or 4 of these blogs is pretty good for income right? Not gonna be easy and it won’t make me rich. But if you fail, you don’t lose out on any money. Cause you didn’t buy some stupid ebook. And you probably make a few hundred along the way. This is how you should approach making money online.

10 thoughts on “Rich with Ebay

  1. Michael Aulia

    “This is all possible.”
    “I don’t think i’ll be able to make more then that every month. ”

    LoL you contradict yourself! Aim for more and it will be possible? 😀

    and here I am talking like an expert, while I only earn about $1 a day heh heh

  2. Jared Stenzel

    Not true, your 2k can only go up if you keep up this success. Think about it, if you worked harder on the blog (more than that hour a day you exclaimed in “temporary blogging) you could easily increase your RSS count. If you did this traffic increases, advertising rates soar, and there you have it, a raise in your monthly total. That and more people to sign up for your affiliate offers.

  3. B Carter

    I have to agree and disagree with your comment regarding the information on late night infomercials. The information they are selling is extremely basic and can be found on any website online so people should save their money, but if used in the correct way it could benefit the end user. The consumer needs to be aware that money will not just start pouring in the day this book arrives at their home. It takes time, sometimes a little money, and work.

    What they are selling on infomercials is a dream of making it big without doing any work. If people buy into this idea, they should save their money. If someone is really motivated and interested in the product, they could watch the infomercial and then do their own research. They will probably learn a lot more.

  4. seoreef

    Yes dude, however, most people buy into this stuff because people like to dream. It’s true, most gurus make their fortunes by telling people how to teach other people how to make money online. It is a vicious and unproductive circle, but it’s what makes the gurus so rich: they are selling dreams, instead of realistic programs. If you want, you can check out this post, which is complementary to yours:

  5. the noob Post author

    michael- i don’t think i contradicted myself. within the context my point was clear…or so i thought. becoming rich with ebay is not possible. but making a few extra bucks with your blog, is. if you work hard at it.

    jared- it’s true that i can go beyond the 2k mark with this blog. but my personaly bloggy strategy is different. I don’t want to create one super blog. i’d rather have a few blogs that bring in over 1k a mont. and then add to that with a few blogs that get similar income. and then add to that with blogs that make a 100/month. all about multiple blogs for me.

    b carter- i have to agree and disagree with you too. :) the general info contain in most of these get rich books or ebooks are free online. if you follow the books, you’ll probably end up with a few hours wasted and nothing learned. the info is to general. it encourages easy earnings. so people most of the time quit. and the people that buy into these programs are usually quiters. the majority are looking for a get rich quich type of deal. the people who buy into that are quiter types.

    seoreef- ain’t nothing wrong with dreaming. but if you’re going to dream. u should look at the statistics. becoming an ebay power seller or the next johnchow is as likely as becoming the next american idol. nice link btw. :)

  6. Forest Parks

    I knew those infomercials were a con from birth. In fact as a child I used to get up early just to laugh at them :)

    I think it was because I was English and hearing American adverts triggered a ‘this is a con’ alert in my head.

  7. the noob Post author

    forest- u were a smart baby. yeah, a lot of american con type businesses. but let’s not point the finger just at the americans. happens everywhere. china, africa, the middle east.

    josh- i sell stuff on ebay, just don’t think it’s a reliable or consistant form of income. but then again, neither is blogging

    mike- err, i bought land on the moon. now u tell me

  8. Arnoldo Andree

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