Romow directory affiliate program

I am always telling people that directory submissions are important when you launch your website. There are a lot of high quality web directories that can be found online. If you are willing to do some research, you will find that this type of economical marketing can boost hits and sales for your company’s website. You can also take it one step further by making money off of the affiliate programs offered at certain web directories. is a great example of this type of web directory.

The website is home to a large collection of information. You can easily submit your website or guest blog by going over to Romow directory. Romow dot com gets a lot of traffic and ranks well in google. This makes the Romow directory affiliate program really attractive for people who are interested in making money online. If you work hard with this program, you are sure to make some money with it.

The good guys over at pay a commission for each paid directory submission you referred to them. The commission is 25% of the directory submission fee that is paid. So for each regular listing, you will earn $15. For each featured listing, you will earn $30. Payment is made via PayPal once your balance exceeds $100. Once you sign up and your application gets approved, you can log in to your affiliate account, and download banners to use on your website or blog. Get started with the program by going over to the signup page.

37 thoughts on “Romow directory affiliate program

  1. Kai

    I like to point out that free directory submission is crap. They will usually give you a nofollow tag or requires you to have a reciprocal link.

    Just because the directory is PR5 for example, doesn’t mean that your link will receive PR5 link juice. You could be stuffed deep down in the categories to the point when you only get PR 1 or 0 juice. Even if you get PR 1 juice, you have to share it with about 100+ people who are also in the same category.

    Also, if Google finds out that one of your high quality link is a paid link (paid submission) you will get Google slapped.


  2. CashOrPoints

    Awesome Post man! I’m sure it’s a great program but takes a bit too much work for the less worth money. I would suggest something else to be honest. But thank you for the post :)

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