RSS contests will get your count up

bribe.jpgBloggerunleashed got 499 RSS subcribers in around 20 days. Tylercruz is now over the thousand mark. Winningtheweb gained 1000% increase. How did these bloggers do this? They offered some sort of incentive to subscribe. They ran RSS contests.

I think contests are a fun way to interact with readers. It’s fun to enter and its fun to win. It’s fun to sponsor these contests too. Nobody wants to do something unless they get something out of it. RSS contests provides a way for readers to get something out of doing what you want them to do. It’s basically bribes.

This country and every country has some under the table payments going on. Corporations, and sports organizations do this all the time. Why? Cause it works. Money talks and you gotta pay up to get results. Great content will get your subscribers, but it’s pretty damn slow. If you offer readers goodies, you’ll see your RSS count climb rapidomente.

I plan on doing this soon so keep an eye out. I’ve gotten close to 100 subscribers without using bribes, but i could use a little boost. If you’re greedy you’ll wait until i hold a contest to subscribe to my RSS but let me throw out my link just in case i have a few noble readers.

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