Saturday post. moneytree. time machine

sat.jpgIts cool that most blogger don’t post on Saturdays. Take it like a real job and give yourself a nice relaxing weekend.

I think the life of a blogger is quite unique. There is a bleep/expletive load of work to do but its hard to stay on top of yourself and be disciplined. Its hard enough to stay focused while running a brick and mortar business but being an internet entrepreneur is 10 times harder to remain focused.

I mentioned before that its all about the numbers. Keep posting and keep trying out new deals or new outlets. There is so much information and so many people already making. It can be done…just not quick. Internet sites that try to sell you something that seems too good to be true are usually scams. you can’t make thousands by following the advice of some ebook author. no i take that back…you could but if you had to pay for the ebook…you’re a damn fool.

I still run two different business that doesn’t deal with the internet. One is a vitamin store and the other is a real estate consulting company. Both businesses require alot of capital to run and took alot of capital to start. The reason i love the internet is that i can reach just as many people by spending next to zero. Doing business on the web is the future…its been the future since 1999. The internet has changed the entertainment industry, the real estate market, publishing, and of course can’t forget the p word. The list goes on. My advice is to figure out your niche. im not talking about your blogging niche. im talking about thinking up a way to use the internet to make money. could be anything. i know this is the hard part. Its not just the idea part either. i think up good ideas everyday but its useless cause i don’t know how to implement them. You have to learn first. The best way to learn is to get in there and get your hands dirty. Meaning you have to start somewhere-anywhere. Don’t say i will learn html first. or make excuses about know knowing any css or flash. blah blah blah. try it out. start somewhere.

if there are 100 people who have ideas maybe 12 will do something besides talk. If its web related usually starts with a domain name reg. out of the 12 that get the domain set up i’d say about 2 move on to step two. Thats pathetic. If you are part of the 98% you are a loser.

Hey my blog has just 13 readers. Im a complete noob. I don’t know what im doing half the time…..But with a CAP B. i set up this webpage and trying and learning. im one of the 2%.

i remember when i was a freshman in college i remember reading about this 13 year old kid that set up a website. the site was just one page filled with affiliate links. it had a tree on it with dollar bills on each three. basically make people click on the dollar bills for prizes. i think it was called moneytree if im not mistaken. Anyway…that was in 1997 or 98. back then i had no interest in the internet except playing planet poker or doing some aol chatting. I knew nothing about computers besides microsoft word. I really wish i could go back in a time machine and tell the past ME about the future. i wouldn’t be too greedy either, i would just set up a whole mess of different websites. Directories, forums etc. or just start learning then. im sure alot of people have had thought like this. You know what tho. its still not too late. The people that say its too late are losers. Its like real estate…people waiting to buy a house cause its too expensive are being unrealistic. Think about home prices back in 1980. Then look at 1990 and etc. It will never go down. Its never too late to start an internet venture cause obvious the world wide web is here to stay.