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mentor.jpgI’ve learned that if you look hard enough, you’ll find helpful bloggers. It took me a while to get bloggernoob off the ground. I didn’t have any friends who blogged, so i was pretty much a loner with this blogging venture. I spent way too many hours learning the most basic blogging tips. When you start your blog, you’ll face many obstacles. You’ll come to a point, where it becomes difficult to continue. When that happens, most bloggers quit blogging. You’ll quit cause it’s a pain in the arse. You’ll quit cause it’s not fun being a noob.

When you hit a road block, i recommend that you seek out a blog mentor. There are a lot of bloggers who are more then willing to help you out. All it takes is a good attitude and a willingness to learn. Be honest with your requests and you’ll rediscover the joy of blogging. Hopefully you’ll start making some extra cash.

How should you approach a fellow blogger with questions? Who can you turn to for guidance? First off, don’t approach the johnchows. They won’t even bother answering your emails. They can’t, cause they probably receive too many spam emails. You’ll questions will get lost in the shuffle.

Hit up bloggers like me. My blog is reaching the medium level. My make money blog gets some traffic, and i’m starting to show up in the search engines. I’ve kinda established myself in my niche. My rankings are improving but i’m not big enough to not answer my emails or reply to comments.

Nothing in this world is free. So why would a blogger help you out? I can’t speak for all bloggers, but i can tell you why i like to help. I help cause i want to grow my blog. If i help out a fellow noob, i know that he or she will probably return the favor somehow. They might link to my blog, or leave useful comments on my blog. They might even click a few of my affiliate links. They’re sure to visit my site often.

What type of queries do i respond well to? If you don’t address me in your email, i assume it’s spam. A simple “hey noob” or “bloggernoob” will do. That lets me know that a human wrote the email. If you address me as, “make money blog” i assume that it’s a bot.

Before you ask for help, you should probably build a relationship with the blogger. This can be achieved by regularly leaving comments on the blog. Linking to the blog also helps in building relationships. Once you do that, then you can request help. The blogger should recognize you from either the comments or links.

The best way to seek aid, is to show some green. If i buy an ad on your blog, and ask you some questions, you’re sure to help me out right? Even if you were busy, you would try to help cause i am helping you out by buying an ad on your blog.

Get in early. Because the internet is constantly changing, the websites that make money are the ones that do something first. Be the first to spot that new blogger. Recognize the potential of blogs. If you build a good relationship with a blogger on the rise, you’re sure to benefit when they go big time. It’s like entourage. You get lucky cause your friend hits the big time. If i ever hit the big time, i’m taking all of my loyal readers with me.:)

18 thoughts on “Seek out a blog mentor

  1. Juha Ylitalo

    I guess one of the biggest problem on tutoring is that client (or whatever we want to call him) doesn’t exactly know what the problem is. Once he can put it in words, he has more or less solved the problem.
    Also one question is what are client’s priorities and feelings about pay per post, etc. activities.
    When I am trying to get into affilition business in my finnish blog, I’ve stumbled into problems, where I advertise agencies and stores that I don’t personally use, because I prefer other agencies and stores. At the end I just have to be carefully on how I want to advertise those stores and agencies.

  2. Jared Stenzel

    Valid statement, but if it’s not working with a one blogger you can always switch to another one. I’ve received emails back from three bloggers before with question. The noob here, caroline middlebrook, and can’t get rich. These are three blogs in the niche that are just about to become popular and may have a good mentor for you.

  3. iris

    Grow together sort of thing, I think this is what makes Darren Dowse, shoemoney and John Chow been through before they become known. Before they get to the top they scratching there head like us and been through to what we have been through. Pair with the same level, do not approach the one’s that’s already at the top they don’t have time for that…too busy, or cost you a lot and maybe when we get to the same as theirs we do the same — but for the main time, we should look for a partner and grow together, that’s my point of view.

  4. Forest Parks

    Thanks for the offer to us.

    I have probably been blogging longer than you but feel that I am still more of a noob, as it took me longer to get into it.

    I use many bloggers as mentors in a way by reading their blogs but do not make enough use of contacting them directly.

  5. ccRicers

    I got Tyler Cruz to respond back to me, and I sent him a private message in a message board that I thought he abandoned months ago. That was the first time I talked to him. Nice to know even some relatively top-level marketing bloggers give you the time of day. Or maybe I was just lucky.

  6. the noob Post author

    juha- yeah, when i first started, i didn’t know how to find the info cause i didn’t know what i was looking for exactly.

    jared- i think you should always get a second, third, fourth opinion. that goes for doctors, lawyers, mechanics etc.

    iris- yup, i’m a big believer in growing together. little guys gotta organize to grow.

    forest- np, i think reaching out to other bloggers is a great way to go that extra step.

    ccricers- that’s good that you reached out..and he responsed. you’ll find that there are a lot of bloggers willing to help.

  7. Allyn Paul

    To all who read this: Noob practices what he preaches. He and I have exchanged emails several times as I have asked him questions.
    I also comment here often, link to this blog, and purchase ads here.
    Noob is my mentor… I just pray he doesn’t change with marriage! LOL
    Oh, and Witchypoo– I’ll take you to Disney and show you how to carve those Mickey Mouse Ears in the bushes! Noob can’t do that!…but I can. :)

  8. bloggernoob

    al- thanks for the support al. as far as changing with marriage, i already feel like i have. i feel that i’ve aged like 5 years. i feel less like a man. and my sexual desire has dropped. but i guess that’s what holy matrimony is all about. 😉

    i used to work at disneyland. when i was in high school, i worked part time at main street. one of the shops in disneyland. it was pretty awesome. still consider it my best job ever. i can do the ears…but my excuse is the fact that i part timed it at disney, what’s ur excuse al? learn that in the military? 😉

  9. Funked

    Anyone want to be my mentor? I have beer! Lots of it. :)

    Seriously though I think it’s nice idea. It’s nice to see that some people haven’t got their heads stuck up their own arses. Blogging can be fun and it can make you money at the same time. Some people have forgotten that though.

  10. the noob Post author

    funked- yeah. blogging should be fun. It’s really not worth the time spent if it was just about the money. :) i’ll take the free beer.

  11. Jason

    Agree about the mentoring. If I didn’t have help when I started out, I probably would have stopped after the first week… seriously.

    If the noob is too busy, I’d be happy to entertain any questions for help. Instant messenger only though, no emails 😛

  12. Allyn Paul

    noob–you’re kidding about that marriage stuff right!?!?
    You need to join a gym and get that blood pumping and it will help with he other pumping too! Trust me, I am a little older than you and been married twice, so I have experience, LOL

    I actually can carve topiaries. I mostly do spirals and pom-poms which are juniper evergreens. (remember, I’m a lawn and lawnscape geek!)
    The Mickey Mouse ears are carved from boxwood and are actually easy as there is a wire mesh mold that the bush grows around and you just cut them like hair.
    More info than you wanted right?

  13. BK

    Thanks for the Tips Noob. I can really relate to what you mentioned in the start of the article that “I didn’t have any friends who blogged, so i was pretty much a loner with this blogging venture.” In fact up till today, most of my friends are not blogging yet; they are too tied down with their work.

    And indeed there are so many times when I just thought of quitting. But I just keep on looking for more tips and ways to make things work. Thanks!

  14. NaijaEcash

    I am not afraid to say I am a newbie in need of help. I understand like others pointed out that those we admire as they occupy the top of the ladder did not get there overnight. Many of them hard a tougher time starting up than most of us can even imagine. So why should I pretend that they are not more experienced than me.

    That is not to say that I am ready to boot-lick anybody. I am just humble enough to ask and accept help from anyone that is generous enough to offer same.

    Thanks for the post. But before I go. I have a question for you – Will you be my mentor? (I have no money to pay, but I will say my gratitude 😉

  15. the noob Post author

    jason- who helped you out in the beginning, they did a great job. thanks for extending your offer to my readers. you’re just a busy blogger aren’t cha :)

    allyn- haha. im half kidding. yeah i need to work out. i used to go to lakeshore but they closed down the downtown gym.(chicago talk)

    you know what, my mom would love you. she’s like a gardening freak. you guys could probably spend hours talking about what type of doodoo has the most nutrients. :)

    sebirai- welcome new blogger! you should be warned…you won’t make that much money…you will become addicted…you’ll spend so much time…but it should be fun. stop by anytime if you need some help.

    bk- welcome. the good thing about not having any blogging friends is this….you can convince them to blog later. that’s what i did…and i made commissions off of them, from everything from domain and hosting to all the affiliate programs. if it ads up, you could make around 300 bucks per friend. hosting, referral commissions. :)

    naija- of course, my email is hit me up with your questions, and i’ll get bad to you asap

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