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make money online and sell out like jennifer aniston“It’s all about the cheddar.” I am quoting the honorable Snoop D O double G. No matter how you package your “make money online” blog, you’re still just a border line scammer. Even if your site is helpful to a few people, you’re just selling them an empty dream. If you’re pushing them to start MMO blogs, then you’re just a plain ol scammer. Money is something that makes people go nuts. Money will make you throw your dignity and pride out the window. Money will make you take advantage of innocent noobs. The MMO economy is supported by this injustice.

Don’t let this keep you from scamming other noobies. Write that useless ebook. Sell it for $60. Copy and steal other peoples design and content. If it makes money for you, then do it. Forget the law and forget your morals. If this is something you are not willing to do, then don’t bother entering this sleazy “make money online” game. This game is rough. This game is not flashy or glamorous. We are all a bunch of miracle potion selling hucksters. We are all used cars salesmen.

Bloggernoob dot com used to be my main source of blogging income. This isn’t the case anymore. I have set up a few blogs that make more then bloggernoob. I tried out different niches and different programs. All of this new found knowledge was possible because of bloggernoob dot com. But, in order to make more money, i had to sell out big time. I did stuff that i wouldn’t do in the real world. I did some border line telemarketing stuff. Being the cool blogger won’t make you any money. You gotta be shady to see them greenbacks.

Some of you have good quality blogs. And, if you’re reading my blog, your probably don’t make much with those awesome blogs. It’s because you’re blog is too good. You blog is actually read from front to back. You can’t have people reading your blog. You need them to click one of your ads. You to send them to another page. I think that’s what most bloggers don’t get. They think that you need a high subscriber count and blah blah blah. What a load of bull dung! All that shit that the popular bloggers tell you don’t work for you. They only work for them. It only works cause suckers like you read their blog. Rant done! Noob out!

12 thoughts on “Sell out like a Make Money Online blogger

  1. Jack

    Lol. Noob is your income in your other blogs all paid posts? Or atleast a majority of it. What niches have you tapped in. Just an idea. Don’t expect you to tell me the link or anything lol.

  2. the noob Post author

    jack- i mix and match. i have a set of blogs that get some high paid plugging opps. a have a blog that sells ebooks. πŸ˜‰ another blog, is an seo blog that sells seo services. And im trying to increase the earning on my wp theme blog. All that i have mentioned now make more then bloggernoob dot com. πŸ˜‰

  3. axioblogger

    Noob, I disagree with you about subscribers count. If you want to make more money selling private ads, your subscriber count should be high.
    Which blog would you like to advertise on? One with 2000 subscribers or the one with 15 subscribers?

  4. Rick Vaughn

    Snoop is a modern day Shakespere. :)

    Anyway, do you man. Noob, as I’m sure you have found that karma is a killer. I’m not going to steal stuff from anyone.

    I know everyone wants to be Tony Montanya but the story does not have a happy ending and there is nothing glamorous about it. Rick out!

  5. Zawadi

    :)β€œIt’s all about the cheddar.”

    I know that I could never be a sleazy person in business, and that is why I flunk out!

    Is there a way to be a honest person and still make money online.

    I’m sick of Blogger, but cannot afford my own Domain. I might be sick of blogging also lol.

    I guess I want to make money online, because I want to buy a new Desk and PC, also a Laptop and visit home. This all makes me a sleazy ass blogger :(

    OK NQQB. I’m working on a blog trying to find out what makes the avg Blogger some cash and what doesn’t, but the blog itself is not really a MMO blog, I am just reading blogs like yours and finding out what is real and what is bullshit.

    I think you are a good person, so don’t sellout, but if you do, teach me how ok :)

  6. Bill

    I zawadi you need to head count to get people to advertise with you. As far as the other i am still exploring also. Maybe i will turn into scum also hope not and if i do i better be rich one LOL

  7. the noob Post author

    axioblogger- sub count can help with private ad sales. but people private ad sales it not a great way to make money online. you’ll only make a lot if you have a very high traffic site.

    rich- yeah the dogfather is a poet. i think all is fair in the MMO game. πŸ˜‰

    zawadi- i could probably hook you up with a domain. email me if you’re interested zawadi. πŸ˜‰

    bill- we’re all whores to money. πŸ˜‰ it’s only a matter of time.

  8. Julehya

    I pay your blog a regular visit. It is the only blog in the “make money” niche, which I take some time to read. Your honesty shines through in your words which makes you very credible. That is the reason, it was you that I thought I should ask for some advice about the idea of making money out of my blog.

    It was never my intention to make money out of blogging. Blogging was suppose to be just a medium by which the frustrated writer in me could find her zone. There were many suggestions that I run ads on my site but I just shrugged it off. Now maybe, there is a good reason to consider the idea.

    There were suggestions from some charitable organizations whose causes I have actively supported that they run their ads on my site to generate some financial support. There was also talk about me accepting paid ads under the name of these charities.

    I do not see why I should refuse. But before I do it, I want to seek your professional opinion on how feasible the whole thing is. Is it worth trying? What are the things I need to do to make the whole plan work just in case I would go with it besides having to make sure I posts very regularly which I do not do at the moment. I am currently working on a writing project so I am quite busy. People have been helping me in promoting my blog (they are doing the entrecard work for me) so if there is a need for some help in whatever work involved that should not be a problem.

    I am sorry. I just realized I am suppose to make a comment not write an article. LOL

    By the way, could you help us up with a domain too? Ok! That is taking it too far.

    Thank you so much. I look forward to your advice.


  9. the noob Post author

    wendy- wendy, i like to keep my blogs separate. if you’re good at research, it’s actually not that hard to find some of my blogs. πŸ˜‰ maybe later, i might reveal a few of my other sites. πŸ˜‰

    julehya- thanks for you kind words. As far as advice, send me a detailed email and i will try to get back to you with some specific. sorry i have been a bit busy with my off line business. Thanks for being a regular reader of this crappy “make money online” blog. as for the domain, i could give you a domain. I have a lot of aged domains that you might find useful for one of your blogs. hope that helps. πŸ˜‰

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