Sell your blog and buy a car

newtoyota.jpgThe general rule of blog pricing is-take your monthly income and multiply it by 10. Johncow says he got a private offer to sell his blog for $30,000. Not too shabby right. Cashquests sold her blog for 15k and bloggingfingers sold for 6k. Maybe tylercruz could sell his blog for 11k. Johnchow maybe 300k. We’re talking about a nice bundle of cash here just from a little blog. Every blog i mentioned could buy a car with the money they make from their blogs. Johnchow could buy a house so long as it’s not in California or New York. Pay for it all in cash even. How amazing is that. Of course, 99.99% of people won’t be able to buy a house from the sale of their blog, but making 5 figures from your blog is totally do-able. Want that new car? Maybe you should start blogging. Bloggingfingers is a Geo Metro, Cashquests is a Dodge Neon, Tylercruz is last years Neon, Johncow is a BMW without any special features and Johnchow is the exotic car he features on his blog header. Not bad for blogging about making money online. BloggerNoob is a used Toyota Corolla, but you just wait and see. I’m going to upgrade this make money blog to a brand new Toyota Corolla. If you wanna come along for the ride, subscribe to my RSS feed.

6 thoughts on “Sell your blog and buy a car

  1. Justin Dupre

    I think I’m still on one of those pretty princess bikes from Toys R’ Us with the training wheels. Pretty sure something like that.

    Maybe by the end of this year, my blog will buy me a scooter… Old School Vespa. Thats all the rage here in Thailand

    Justin Dupre

  2. the noob Post author

    justindupre- vespa’s are nice. they’re expensive too. pricier then my used toyota corolla that’s for sure.

    allenjohnson- you can buy a hooptie for a couple hundred bucks. so small time blogs are hoopties. if you prefer micromachines, micromachines it is.

    nick- walking….what about a segway. too expensive?

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