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burke.jpgGoogle PR is the Holy Grail of blogging stats. People worship bloggers with PR of 6 or 7. People covet this stat cause it’s all about google.

How dare i blaspheme the almighty google engine by saying that you should sell your google PR? I say this cause it’s an easy way to make a lot of money with you blog.

When you start you blogging career, think about what you want to achieve. My blog is a make money blog, so obviously all i care about is making money. But i have other blogs too. Because i have multiple blogs, i have multiple souces of online income. When i first learned that bloggernoob won’t get PR, i had a backup plan ready. I launched three different bloggernoob type blogs. Those blogs aren’t as big or lucrative as bloggernoob, but they have PR. Two of the three have PR 2 and one has PR 3.

Those blogs are complete shit. But i have a master plan. I plan to use those blogs to give myself some google love. I will use those blogs to make money online. I will sell links on those blogs. And if i’ve had enough, i’ll run paid posts on those blogs right after the next PR update. That way, i will get a lot of high paying gigs. All i need to do is purchase some entrecard credits and get some meaningless traffic. That will boost my alexa rank. With a high traffic, PR 3 blog with alexa 99k alexa, i know i can make at least a couple thousand dollars.

I can’t stress enough the importance of setting up multiple blogs. It’s not that hard to do. It doesn’t even take that much time. Make money online is all about gaming the system. Figuring out a way to grow your blog is step one. Step two is monetizing. Then it’s exit strategy. Then it’s all about repetition. On to the next blog. It’s sort of similar to flipping houses, minus the startup capital.

So here it goes. Set up 5-10 blogs. Use entrecard to get your alexa rank under 100k. Don’t do paid posting until you get some PR. Build links to get PR. When all the pieces are lined up, you can monetize the hell out of it. Once you smell another PR update, sell that blog. In this example, you could probably make around $5000.00 per blog. 1000/month for around 3 months. And then sell the blog for $2000. I’m actually underestimating this figure. You could make more. Only thing is, it takes time. It’ll take around 5 to 6 months.

13 thoughts on “Sell your google PR

  1. Living on Adsense

    Once you have PR,and then do paid posting you need to flip fast if you want that PR to be a selling feature ()or just don’t do paid posting before selling).

    I had a PR3 at LoA, and after 3 days of joining PayPerPost and making my first sponsored post I went to PR0.

    I think if you are selling Pr you may want to skip the paid posts.

  2. ccRicers

    Heh, I don’t know how I feel about Google’s PR. I have a site that is a decent PR4 but it gets only around 15 visits per day. And the isn’t so easy to monetize…its target audience easily ignore ads. I am thinking of just remaking a different site with the same name.

  3. killian

    Hey Noob :)
    I got some domains, they have pr 3 and 4, but they have been dropped, I re-registered them yesterday, if I install wordpress at them now, do u think payerpost will accept them after a month even though the domains are dropped?

  4. Magpies Zone

    I don’t understand this, why someone want to destroy all the hardworks for months, and after you get that “precious” PR and Alexa ranks, you then start to get PPP and let it all gone in a day?

    If you just want to blogging just for money, why not doing it at first place?

  5. Tim Welch

    There are tons of ways to make money selling your blogs but the main thing is that you love what you do, whatever you do.

    Page rank can be overrated, the main thing is that you have a crown of buyers that love you and what you sell. Become the attraction like Houdini did.

  6. Jared Stenzel

    Great ideas. If you are in need of credits I have around 7.5k entrecard credits I may be willing to sell for a decent price. I may also keep them to advertise my own blog once I get that started in the next 2 weeks.

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