Selling sex with your blog

sexyipod.jpgThis blog post is not about prostitution. Sorry to disappoint the perverts that checked this article thinking it was that. I wanted to focus on using sex appeal as an integral part of your marketing strategy. Everybody knows that sex sells but most people probably don’t know how to hone the sexual energy with their blogs. I’m no sexpert but i’ll try to do the best i can.

What is sexy? How can i get sexy back? How can i bring sexy back?

This day and age, sexy is mystery. Back in the 50s sexy was more skin. Now, sexy is less skin. I would rather feel the excitement and danger of a covered but slightly open sex organ as opposed to a fully exposed one. Look at Victoria’s secret. The key is to cover it just enough to lure you into temptation.

How can you bring sexy back with you blog? Well, it depends on your blog. For a make money blog, you can’t really get sexy. But you can still find a creative way to use it. The Noob tried out a simple test post about hot bloggers. Surprisingly it got me some traffic. It was pretty fun too. It really didn’t blend with this blog but i’ll definitely do it again. Next time i’ll create a more focused approach. I’ll list the sexiest make money online bloggers or something like that. I’ll feature sexy tech products or show pictures of sexy girls presenting sexy tech products.

We grow up and graduate high school but you discover that high school never really ends. They still have popularity contest in the grown up world. Not to be sexist, but women are appreciated more for beauty and men are glorified if they are rich. Long after high school graduation, women still want to be the prettiest girl in school and men still want to be the jock. The grown up sport of choice is money.

When i visit a blog and i see that the author is attractive, i want to stay longer. I guess i can’t help it, might be a guy thing. If you’re attractive, you can use that to grow your blog. You see this in the corporate world. A lot of sales related jobs require you to present a sexy persona. You need to have the BMW and the nice clothes when you have drinks with the client etc. If you don’t want to show off your sex appeal you can still use sex to sell your blog. Just use the sex appeal of others. My blog features a baby sucking on his thumb next to a computer. That’s actually a sex deterrent. So my strategy is to use the sex appeal of other bloggers and or products.

You can make pretty much anything sexy. Apple does it. The mac is sexy and cool. A rectangular electronic device can be sexy? It’s not even a phallic symbol but they do it. Look at the ads. PC is a fat dork, but mac is a young dork. Not sure if young dork is sexy but sexier then fat old dork. My mp3 player is sexy. We even dress our mp3 players with sexy leather outfits. Sex is everywhere. Find a creative way to sell sex with your blog.

12 thoughts on “Selling sex with your blog

  1. shy guy

    yeah.. sexy is subjective from individual perspective..I agree with you.. SOmetimes sexy not only about human body but can be described as an attractive thing like your example…

    AM I sexy?? Huhuhuhuhuhu.. DOn’t know..
    *** Blushing ***

  2. Glen L Graham

    Hey noob
    You are right about that sex does sells. Look at those beer commercials ads, they would have us believe that just by opening a can of beer all of these hot models will come flocking LOL.
    great post

  3. Neil Duckett

    It’s hard to add it to a money making blog, but having pictures in general do help sex up a blog,it certainly helps me …. not that i’m a make money blog, but i do make money online.

    The post i did on the 40th Tokyo Motor Show was very popular, as will the post i do on Miss Nippon 2008 next year.

  4. the noob Post author

    shyguy-sexy is in the eye of the beholder.

    glenlgraham- yup, exactly why i drink beer. i believe the commericial for some reason.

    neilduckett- yeah i love how you use sex to market your blog. hot japanese girls.

    damiende- word

    meemoe- yup. that’s why is one of the most valuable domain in all the internet.

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